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To take control of Birminghams transport infrastructure, what would you do?

Personally, I would expand/Rebuild Snow Hill Station, and divert services from New Street to ease the gridlock.

I would then completley remove the metro, and build a new one linking Merry Hill to Wednesbury, whilst re-instating the Snow Hill - Wolves line (Blue Brick Plaza be damned), effectivley making Wednesbury a Tram/Train interchange.

Order a brand new fleet of longer trams, with enough room for 2 x 2 seating, as opposed to the stupid mickey mouse layout they have now.

Make sure that ALL stations, (either bus/tram or train) have adequate protection from the elements.

And last but not least, upgrade all the buses so that not only are they comfortable, but that they include personal earphones on every seat, to make sure you don't have to listen to some drugged up chav's shitty noise that's supposed to sound like some sort of music.

Not asking for much I know! :lol::lol:

What about you?

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I'd sod the expense and build an underground.

I'd also keep the trams and extend them to stategic points to link in with the underground.

New St would be downgraded to a through train and local stop, and Curzon Central would be built at Curzon St for the London and International trains.

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i would also buy land houses and what ever is in the way to increase the overground coverage of the trains in is shocking that the only stop in the north of brum towards walsall is hamstead

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Midland Metro Birmingham City Centre Loop

serves a lot more of the 'new & expanded' city centre, & is a lot less disruptive to the existing busy areas.
Childrens Hospital, Aston Uni, Eastside, Moor St, New St Station & Bullring, Hippodrome, Chinese & Gay quarter, Mailbox, Centenary Sq

it then continues on one of these routes:
Broad St to Five Ways
Summer Row, Sand Pits, Ladywood Middleway to Five Ways

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New Street Station - massive interchange

6 New underground platforms (middle level) including:

- Creating a new deep level rail tunnel between Moor St and New St allowing strategic interchange of services (2 platforms).
- Create 2 additional deep level platforms for additional WCML services on a new alignment with appropriate tunnels (2 platforms)
- Create new deep level platforms for a future High Speed rail service (2 platforms)

Pedestrian Access
Redevelop New Street Station above ground pretty much as per the current plan
+ an additional pedestrian tunnel allowing 24 hr pedestrian links between Moor St and New Street
+ some additional entrances to the under ground sections

4 Underground (deep level) Metro platforms for:

Midland Metro
Take the tram underground from SnowHill with the first underground stop being at the interchange at New Street

Create 2 New Metro Lines in Birmingham running through to an underground New Street
- City Centre to Quinton & M5 Parkway. Running underground to 5-Ways (with stops at Arena central, Brindley Place and 5-ways) before emerging onto the Hagley Road sharing road space with a dedicated Metro/Bus lane.
- City Centre to Airport and M42 Parkway via Cov Road - underground from New Street emerging above ground in Eastside.

Future Birmingham city centre alignments to be planned including Walsall Road ( but extended all the way to Walsall) and any other Centro can think of.

Black country extensions to go ahead including Brierly Hill extension and 5 W's line

- Scrap the Toll on the M6 Toll

- Put Active Traffic Management around the whole of the Birmingham Box & up to J12 of M6 (about 50% of this is happening anyway btw)

- Widen the M6 between Junction 12 and Manchester

- Build the Western Orbital starting at the existing M5/M42 interchange north around the west of the conurbation, crossing over the M54 (with interchange) linking with a full all directions 3 way interchange with the existing M6 / M6 Toll interchange.

improved Urban Roads

Sort out traffic in the south east of the city by creating 2 bits of bypass:

- New link from Warwick Road connecting to the Coventry Road (requires stealing some redundant industrial land and a bit of creative engineering) to relieve traffic on the Stratford Road.
- A tunnel from the Coventry Road going under Bordseley Circus carrying both city centre traffic and Ring Road traffic (to the west of Bordseley Circus)

City Centre

- Extend the Gt Charles St tunnel to improve links between city core and Jewellery Quarter but retain the in/out of city access that goes under the Snow Hill rail bridge (a half extension restricting some traffic but not the main in/out flow)

That's enough for starters...

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one word underground. The major citys round the world have underground systems. It would create more jobs. We could have a design competition to design the major stops and be adventerous to really make it stand out, and obviously it makes it much easier to get around as anyone who has been to london can tell you. The longer we leave it the harder it will become to realise. An underground would increase investors and tourism in the city due to the ease of transportation. We could have a new underground train designed that is unique to birmingham, which could use eco friendly power methods such as hydrogen power or hydrogen obtained from water to power the trains this would ease congestion and help the city become a greener city, how great would it be for birmingham in just a few generations to go from one of the most industrious places in the world to one of the greenest. Innovation and improvement made birmingham great and I believe if we use innovation and improvement on an underground system we would be great once again.

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Midland Metro Birmingham City Centre Loop continued

its a longer route, but serves more places, & therefore more people.
more revenue

it could be built & opened in a number of stages:
Snow Hill > Centenary Sq
Centenary Sq > Spring Hill
Spring Hill > Five Ways

it would then operate as a self-contained route, current line1 trams would still terminate at Snow Hill, & city loop trams would also terminate there.
any extension along the Hagley Rd would operate as a seperate line, using the tracks to New St station.
city loop trams would only operate Snow Hill to Five Ways

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Crosscity Link into tunnels! Our own version of Crossrail, it goes into a tunnel somehwere after university station and then onto a new Fiveways/Broad street station, where there would be a large interchange with Metro services down both the Hagley road to Quinton, and the Harborne road to ummm Harborne. It would then continue on to a new underground station beneath New street encompassing both a new high speed station and a complete concourse for the station above, meaning the current slab can be done away with and replaced with a huge new glass roof!

Then there will be the rebuilt snowhill station, 6 platforms and no less, demolish the tram viaduct next door to free up space, build a new one after the Jewellery Quarter station bringing the track onto Constitution Hill and thus bringing a bit of life back onto that road. And for the hell of it extend the glass roof of Moor street all the way down the length of the terminating platforms.

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the Moseley/Kings Heath line wont be Metro, it would be standard heavy-rail into Moor St, with a chord built at Bordesley.

the Harborne Line is probably un-openable now, too much built infrastructure to be worked on

Frankley Line (Halesowen Railway) makes more sense I would think, it used to run to Halesowen & then onto Old Hill & Dudley.
the M5 crosses the old route, so could have a P&R there, providing connections to Longbridge, Halesowen, Dudley, & Birmingham via Longbridge
would open up a lot more connections.

(did you use an existing underlying map, or was it all freshly drawn?)
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