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Igreja dos Clérigos | Porto, Portugal

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[...]West of Praça de Liberdade, follow Rua dos Clérigos to the Clérigos Tower, which the Italian architect Niccolò Nasoni designed in 1754. The tower's six floors rise to a height of some 76m (249 ft.), which makes it one of the tallest structures in the north of Portugal. You can climb 225 steps to the top of the belfry, where you'll be rewarded with one of the city's finest views, of Porto and the river Douro. The Italianate baroque Igreja dos Clérigos, at the same site, was also built by Nasoni and predates the tower.

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wow! I love this place! What an unique shape! the detailing inside and out is FANTASTIC! Love the tower!
Very beautiful ;) i love it
With no doubt one of Europe's most amazing churches/towers!!!

10 out of 10 from me!!!
There is nothing like this tower! very original and rich chuch!

magnificient barroque tower. I like it :yes:
I love this tower, sometimes when I'm either drunk or too tired I look at it and see the contour of a face and a body, some sort of gothic monster LOL

Anyways this one's considered the "ex-libris" of Oporto, so I give it a 10
The tower looks magnificient, and so unique 9,5/10

this is really amazing
Is it being renovated??
and a 10 by me, of course!!!!
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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