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Don't suppose you could write us a list of sites to visit that I could print off and take with me. I will then do my best to take some good shots of the construction going on.


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Not a complete list, but here's some currently active sites -

Mann Island - Pier Head
Museum of Liverpool - Pier Head
Hilton - Liverpool ONE
Novotel - Liverpool ONE
Hampton by Hilton - Tabley Street (although after the other day's accident, it's probably not active just at the moment)
Base2Stay - Seel Street
Lime Street Gateway - Lime Street
TGWU Building - Islington
Vermont - Sefton Street

Other things that might be worth a look to see if/how they are progressing -

Upcoming stores in Liverpool ONE -
- Mama's & Papa's - upper South John Street
- Hollister - lower South John Street
- GIVe - upper South John Street
- Ollie & Nic - Peter's Lane
- Aveda - Peter's Lane
- JFour Jeans - Peter's Lane
Former John Lewis - Church Street
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