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I'm jealous

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One of my friends from Japan went to NYC recently and hit up a really nice spot. I'm jealous myself :D

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Well I'll be going to NY around June and hopefully get myself a spot like this :D
More Very pieces during his NY tour

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you got any pics of your stuff out there in HK Wanch? i'd be def interested in seeing them.
Here's one I did in HK :)

Mine is the one done in Chinese (though I'm not Chinese) :D

Another one I did in Mong Kok. The one on the right is by a Danish writer who writes Dofi.

I actually changed my style but I've been doing alot of Chinese and Alibata style pieces. Alibata is the ancient Philippine alphabet since my dad is from The Philippines.
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WOW.. nice shot. i wanna go to NY and HK :)
wow imo graffitti makes cities look like garbage...but whatever you like
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