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I'm looking for old aerial photos of Danube area in Serbia.

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Hello guys,

I'm student of archaeology from University of Warsaw in Poland. I'm writing a thesis about roman limes of the province of Moesia Superior (and later Moesia Prima and western half of Dacia Ripensis -,_Dacia,_Moesia,_Pannonia_and_Thracia.jpg - Serbian part is from Beograd (Singidunum) to Prahovo (Aquae) ).

There had been build two dams at Danube (at Kusjak and near Kladovo) in 60s and 80s. Because of that most of the archaeological sites were sunk.

So.. I'm looking for old photos (mostly aerial) of this area, that could depict sites from this area, mostly from Djerdap I. Sites like Sapaja island, Bosman, Brnjica Gradac near Cesava river (Novae), Veliki Gradac near Donji Milanovac (Taliata), Boljetin near mouth of river Boljetinska (Smorna), Ravna (Campsa, not Timacum Minus), Saldum, Tekija (Transdierna), Hajducka Vodenica, Donje Butorke near Kladovo (as far as I know there is a port now). And Djerdap II - Milutinovac and mouth of the river Slatinska.

maybe these maps will be helpful

Djerdap I -

Djerdap II -

Greetings from Poland,


Sorry for my English, I hope you understood everything :nuts:.
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Its hard to find old aerial photos of that kind.

Maybe you can find some info in this book:
Yeah, I know it's hard, but it's always worth trying ;).
Thanks for this book, but I've already checked this one. My thesis is almost complete, but I thought that aerial photos would be good supplement. Well, maybe I will have to go on without it.

Anyway, thanks for any help
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