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Implications of the up coming elections

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I feel if these elections are pulled off successfully, Nigeria will finally have it's rightful rank as a stable democracy.
I think they will be for several reasons.

1. people don't 'care' as much anymore. It sounds strange but the average civilian doesn't feel it's a life or death matter anymore, the generally believe jonathan is going to win, and they've don't 'care' about politics as much as in the past. The out come of this is that results will be less hotly debated if GEJ wins. People will generally be ok with that outcome things will continue smoothly. In the past ethnic and political interests made politics a do or die game and thats why you see riots at the end of elections in many african countries.

2. Babangida doesn't stand a chance, he's the next most powerful candidate and he's not going anywhere. Problem with this is if he wins by some odd twist of fate the opposite of what i expect in the first point will happen, the whole country will go up in flame out of outrage, especially the west and delta.

3. Nigeria has been conducting stable and civil elections on the state level for the past 2 years. PDP has been beat by lesser powers out of the power of the vote, and corrupt officials are facing the law which for the first time, is becoming more powerful then them and their egos. What happened in Ekiti state is astonishing, a sitting governor thrown out by court ruling because his election was found illegitimate due to irregularities, and the true winnin Fayemi, was placed in power. Even Ohakim in Imo state has been drug to court 40 some times due to violations of power and conduct.

Im very optimistic about the up coming elections. I would PERSONALLY like Buhari or Ribadu to win (im igbo btw). Buhari has the discipline and intolerance for nonsense and corruption i like and Ribadu is a truly good person from the new generation of Nigerians, the win of either guy will see the true victory of rule of law cause they're both serious rule of law guys.

GEJ is too soft imo. His decisions are often hasty and unstrategic, he's not a very strong leader. He also spends money like a fucking goat. He gives ppl hope in the system and timing wise he's assent is needed in the country.

Babangida is just too satanic lol.
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reason number three is also the reason why i think this election is going to be the fairest election to date...and why i'm also optimistic. :)
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