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it's been a while since my last thread with lots of pictures. this time, i was in the ship's tavern area, and surrounding areas. as usual, these are large pictures. i don't know how to resize them, but i like them big anyway so you get every single detail. the more detailed the pictures are, the more you'll feel like you're there.

here are the links to the first three tours i took:

this look at wilmington is different from the other ones because i took the pictures on three separate days. the first day was last monday. the second day was this past saturday. the last day was yesterday, tuesday. the first two days i was in the area because i had to coach. tuesday i was in the area because the world series trophy was in town.

looking up walnut street as it crosses 10th street. an mbna building is on the left, and the walnut street y is on the right. i coach swimming at the y on mondays (at least for now), and this picture was after the practice was over.

the most prominent of the bank one buildings in wilmington. i took this picture from market street.

now on to day two. here's a picture of some of the buildings in downtown wilmington. french street is the next street over, and those little houses on the left are long french street. market street is beyond french street. one of mbna's buildings is on the right.

looking south down walnut street, which is a one way street. you can see the bank one buildings in the far distance along walnut street.

another picture of some mbna buildings on the left, and walnut street y on the right. this was at around noon, right before i had to coach again.

just a few blocks from the elegant office buildings, you see this. kind of a contrast of worlds. most of wilmington isn't this separated or segregated. in fact, the only reason i took this picture was because the contrast seen here is something that is pretty rare from what i've seen. all the other areas of town blend into their surrounding neighborhoods well. plus, this picture is of the back sied of houses. i'm sure the fronts look better. lastly, the east side (the neighborhood pictured) is wilmington's worst neighborhood, with scores of shootings a year. the east side is also the center of drug activity in wilmington, and many residents fear for their lives if they live in this area.

the ship's tavern neighborhood. this is becoming the "ritzy" or "hip" place in wilmington. the old historic buildings are being refurbished and restored, and lofts and upscale dwellings are being built in the upper levels of these places. in the distance you see a christina landing tower on the other side of the river under construction.

some more of the buildings in the ship's tavern neighborhood. as the name of the area suggests, the neighborhood was an area of business for the shipping industry. in fact, areas along rivers and seasides were the hubs or "downtowns" of many cities, because almost all business or negotiations between companies or merchants was done in nearby taverns. which brings up a question: why can't we go back to this old custom?

looking down market street at the new christina landing tower. this is near the bank one buildings, and near where king street intersects with mlk blvd. to the right, near where those power lines are, is where the new "crystal building" will be built.

another picture of the ship's tavern neighborhood. an old federal bank building in in the cernter of the picture.

looking east towards the quaker hill area of town, from a side street off of market street.

looking towards a part of downtown, at some of the pnc bank buildings at 10th & tatnall (i believe, still not 100% sure).

part of the market street mall. this was an attempt by the city to get people back into the city, by hoping to draw people away from shopping centers in the suburbs and into the city. market street was turned into a pedestrian road. the project failed, and the street was recently re-done and opened to vehicle traffic again. (my car is in this picture. hint: i'm not rich)

more of the market street mall as it crosses over 6th street. the old opera house was (is?) up market street somewhere.

some of the government buildings: city & county building, courthouse, etc. it's all in one place so i'm not too sure what is what.

normally i don't take pictures through the front windshield, but i wanted to show the view down king street as you head towards mlk blvd. you get a clear view of the christina landing tower. conversely, anyone living on an upper floor in that tower will have a nice view up king street towards rodney square and downtown.

now on to day three. the reason i went into the area for day three was because of a once in a lifetime event. as some of you might know, we have a minor league baseball team in wilmington, the blue rocks. the blue rocks were affiliated with the royals since their inception in 1993 until last season. this season, they switched affiliations to the red sox. since the red sox won the world series, they let the world series trophy travel to their minor league teams (well, at least wilmington).

another picture.

judy johnson field at daniel frawley stadium, home of the blue rocks. it's a very nice stadium, with a view of the city of wilmington from the seats. capacity is up to 6600 i think, so that it complies with aa standards if officials ever decide to bring in a aa team.

some of the businesses on the riverfront (all successful i might add), with the lower area of downtown in the background at the left, and an old shipbuilding crane from the dravo shipyard on the right.

kahunaville, a bar/club. i've only been there once, for the mardi gras loop. i'm usually in the trolley square area for the loops. anyway, kahunaville is where the official philadelphia eagles nfl draft party will be held. the eagles felt it was time to have the party somewhere outside of philly, and since delaware was a huge following for all philly sports teams (myself included), wilmington was a good choice. the eagles draft party could be the event that gets the riverfront over the hump, getting the exposure in the region that it deserves. if anyone is going to the draft party, look for me in my green kearse jersey.

i'll be there right after i coach.

taking a picture towards the sun wasn't a good idea. but anyway, this picture is of frawley stadium, kind of looking inside it, and the blue rocks' offices on the left in the brick building.

looking towards the railroad station from where the christina river bends eastward, right next to the juniper bank building. the market street bridge is in the middle of the picture.

a look towards lower downtown from the same location.

looking up the christina river (looking south), towards the riverfronts restaurants and the proposed urban wildlife refuge.

a look at the almost-completed aaa mid-atlantic headquarters. i'm told by a aaa regional executive that they should be moved in by late may.

one of the two christina landing towers. the facade is starting to come up. it should look pretty nice.

the juniper bank building, as seen from the riverfront and the adjoining walkway.

another look at the aaa mid-atlantic headquarters.

the side of the juniper bank building.

that's all for now. i'll probably be looking at some more neighborhoods later on.
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