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Construction will start in October-2009.9.10

Lu 1 city (intersection in your home business), effectively 04 demolition begins - in Incheon 'dosimsok ghost town' is

Demolition and construction work are glad you're here. After construction of the night, went to school, come back to pick up children do not work out'll have to hit the road ".

8 days Incheon PM West home parents met at the nearby intersection ruwonsiti yejeongji Park (46) Mr. malyida.

Migration starts in September last year but not more than 1 year to start construction, urban ghost town in the genus, remain living in a home near the intersection atmospheres, as well as the children's usual way deungha gyot job market, or feel anxious even came ohgamyeon said.

Once construction starts, literally 'gongsapan' SHOULD be a 'ghost town' is better than not being in.

Park of the horse family afternoon intersection 'ruwonsiti' will be full of houses being empty 'ghost town' that was reminiscent.

Roadside gas stations, bars and shops, as well as residential villas, multi-housing, the church also were all empty.

Incheon and the generations who lived here 10,268 shops, villas, houses, churches, etc. Most of dawn, 1910 to demolish an empty house waiting for change, the state said.

I go back to Main street from house to house 04 people in homes for the implementation written sign attached 'off limits' warning came in a glance.
According to nearby residents, past an empty house while spending more than one years poor or homeless youth and to open the door to go drinking or eating feces hello castles and a lot of dirt is going to give up on this place would be attached to prevent is.

Especially notable were the alley, an alley filled with trash.

Looks clean home 1 1 450 Winter Park, but Villa 1, Villa 42 East to the east as soon as I moved a step that pushed the people abandoned the old motorcycles, furniture, clothes, tools and life was overwhelming.

As well as the people around yejeongji moved from house to house with a mountain of garbage piled up off of me could not neglect.

Geunama hopeful helper 'business originated from the office and the Duke of Zhou was active enough to finish this crap chiwoseo jinachideon alley, according to nearby residents.

I have yireotda poor growing conditions petty ㆍ ㆍ homeless youth unrest and security elements and merging them Incheon, was keen to have a war with the Duke of Zhou.

Every alley, an alley lined 'ruwonsiti crime prevention patrol, the evidence was right.

The ghost of one of the city ruwonsiti yejeongji miyiju shift, residents and neighborhood residents anxious to police suffered Li Jugong ㆍ Incheon December 50 last year, the post was made to hire a security guard.

Is one of two groups of 50 guards every 1 hour turning every patrol said.
Every time you install the street all night, turn on the 100m notgido son.

Mr. Lim, but near the super-master "bangbeomdaewon prefers the back alley, an alley so that the area is complex and wide to see that poor young people get together to do something bad I can not stop," said, "Right across the street from our house was just a bad iron in young people Get drunk and have castles, police said hello, "he said.

The company selected the Duke of Zhou after the removal from the last 7 to 04 virtual demolition began.

Jugong official "full-scale construction will begin in October this month saying" said "remain the most damage to people and nearby residents do not pursue construction," he said.

construction start??

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Development News-2009.11.17

Incheon, Kyung Straighten highway projects next year, promoting authentic

Straighten the highway project for the Inchon Kyung finish building a full-fledged business plans for change goes on.

The city recently Korea Land Corporation Housing (LH) and Kyung Straighten Highway 17 project-related changes in the design of institutions and will finish all the details will change next year, according to city projects has had 24 days.

Changes made to the original design speed of the final hour at 100 ㎞ Wed 80 ㎞ also initially reduced to 6-8 final drive car that sought to reduce from four to have the car.

Ruwonsiti region and particularly in jungbong designed itdorok overpass and the road noise and the officer concerned Cheongna District apartment undermine a planned move to the basement of the complaints accepted jungbong gaeseolki said road.

This is expensive initially connect to eight car 4 car in the basement trying to reduce the number of the car, but a straight road to the top of the underground road is open and simple, made of freeway traffic is expected to be an inconvenience.

The existing functionality was jinchulip Kyung highway grounds seoincheon IC IC to avoid the severe traffic congestion near the site to shut down the opening measure of the size ruwonsiti 4 lane expressway to connect with Kyung-opted way.

Highway through the city yigat change the design of the noise and vibration caused by nearby residents resolve complaints of around ₩ 50,000,000,000, while expenses are expected to reap savings.

City official, "changed the design this year and finish in the next year, through various administrative procedures to get into full-fledged business," said, "transportation and multilateral measures to prevent the occurrence of complaints taken to the parallel," he said.

Straighten the highway projects Kyung seoincheon IC Cheongna District in the established business on the road between 7.69 ㎞ length ₩ 755,800,000,000 Total expenses and scheduled for completion in 2013 are in.

Focus-Incheon Kyeongin Highway Phase 2 will connect to Lu 1 City's Development.Incheon city will make Gajeong Lu 1 City's Interchange Route.
this news is about Lu 1 city's Infrastructure(Highway,Bridge,SOC,Road etc.)

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Development News-Demolition start-2009.12.22

Family intersection 'ruwonsiti "advanced three-dimensional complex city>" Development bongyeokhwa

Western Family intersection 'ruwonsiti' chujindoel is expected to develop business in earnest.

According to Incheon Korea's first city, advanced three-dimensional complex 'ruwonsiti' development gajeongdong 5-62 for 04 to 22 Street from demolition begins ₩ 1.

Current assumptions about the intersection has completed 87.1 percent of compensation.

Winter, and residents consider the city safe, single-family homes oriented cantilever cheolgeohae residents to minimize the damage to start full-scale demolition early next year will complete the second half of the 04 jijangmul demolished.

City official "legal process such as asbestos inspection and monitoring conduct business around the atmosphere and the concentration of asbestos board, and use the Internet, Asbestos-related information to the public and the residents and established residents bangjinbyeok bangjinmak, will minimize the damage," he said .

Meanwhile, Incheon, and jointly promote the LH 'ruwonsiti' paradigm of the future leading edge in the city, leading up to the people of space and luxury living in the city is built.

97 만 1000 ㎡ of land, including the 77 story twin towers, including 11,000 yeogagu are creating cutting-edge three-dimensional city. LH Incheon and the total expenses will invest 2.82 trillion won and will be completed in 2013.

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2010.1.14-Development News

Inchon on the western edge home one-dimensional complex intersection in the city are creating 'ruwonsiti' in the modern style with a variety of housing demand, reflecting the concept considering the construction of residential and commercial apartment complex was 14 days.

Matchbox-size-fits form of a square as well as apartments of various layers ㆍ 3 ㆍ occupations in residential facilities for the personality to meet the needs that will build a residential area.

First, in a residential area can have their work space is open around the furniture, top downstairs with a public exhibition space, the creative professional-style, with apartments being reviewed.

Literally, painter, writer and 'creative professional' artists have said they prefer.
House in the form of 'Living in a family-style' apartment is. Families to enjoy the independence that great life, and with ahpateuda milpyeseong.

Great space for residential gisukhyeong 'group living style, the upstairs room and no one 24 and the common living room floor under the toilet, etc. ㆍ ㆍ kitchen to use some sort of public space, residential space gisukhyeong community' is designed.

Also have a small yard Great space for independent living 'Cocoon-style' apartment is. Contained within the external and its own secluded leisure and to enjoy the hobby is created.

The City of yigat various styles of apartments did not exist a separate apartment with one block, which is considering to heard.

Investment ruwonsitireul intersection due to various family-dimensional complex into the city plans to build high-quality office environments, according to many different people living in the space surrounding the development impact of joseonghae Mitch intends to make.

City official "concept introduced for the first time the apartment is treated as a business, and carefully review the feasibility and demand," said "by year's end ruwonsitie out a plan for concrete apartment building," he said.

The Urban Development Corporation ruwonsitineun city, along with LH 04, Seo-home 만 1892 ㎡ intersection close to 97 cities in creating high-dimensional complex is a business. ₩ 570,000,000,000 (compensation, construction costs not included) and let 11,291 people, 29,808 households can accommodate.

Currently, some demolition work is underway and bosangryul 87.5% level. Chakgongdwae May 04 next year, the plans are completed in December 2013.

IC is directly adjacent to the highway seoincheon Kyung, Seoul, with excellent living environment, improve accessibility are expected to be in the limelight is.

Focus-No Same and Typical Apartment Construction in korea!
Incheon city will develop Lu 1 City into Luxury&Breakthrough Residential Design concept..incheon Urban & Architecture Committee(인천시 도시건축공동위원회) discuss this issue.

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Lu 1 city's Demolition Schedule 2010

Oncoming Lu 1 city's Masterplan Demolition Development Schedule

Lu 1 city 4~7 district-2010.6~2011.5

Lu 1 city's Information Museum's Construction plan-2010.7~2011.6

From Incheon Metropolitan City Administrator.

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Long time On hold?-2010.1.24

Ruwonsiti stop demolition ... heosongsewolman '

Chadanseo pipeline repair the damage in the road 'ambush'

Ruwonsiti for the composition of the lonely house demolition work after 6 gaedongman meomchwoseotda heoleonaen. Stopped state resumed the demolition jijangmul even harder now pyoryuhal long-term possibilities are even bigger.

Jijangmul stopped dismantling the houses torn down to pay to enter the city gas pipeline repair the damage gulchakhu blocked roads in the 'dark horse' and is met.

Procedural delays are not an implementation plan that did not go down roads and public facilities accommodate ruwonsitineun impossible to supply every house in the city gas pipeline was to block the 112 road excavation permit from the district office after receiving a hassle to repair the damage must be taken.

If you are planning to conduct a public facility to drop the agenda was accepted cheoridwae 112 road excavation permit recovery is not required, but that are not in the state's administrative agency has control over the road from house to house after receiving permission to re-excavation to repair the damage there is a problem.

Who have performed the same problem due to the Housing Corporation, Incheon, Korea Land side land anyway composition and construction of infrastructure projects should be without gutyi to know the road to recovery 04 tuipdwae the dual burden of expenses for the demolition started saying ugly step sewolman is a situation without having stopped.

87% compensation level composition ruwonsiti business conducted late last year, but went to demolish jijangmul Kyung between highway design changes due to Straighten fact that one administrative procedure has not been completed.

Straighten the highway project and the Inchon Kyung-country differences in time to drag the interdepartmental agreement belatedly come to the underground sector, reflecting changes to the design plan, land use development plan to change again jjamyeonseo nwatdeon already received approval and implementation plan to get dual accreditation process is underway .

Ruwonsiti development plan design changes between the flatness and other problems are due to school with one point already changed course after a rough first two changes is the process of establishment.

In addition, priority went to demolish hwagokdong-Cheong Seoul branch line of the BRT routes between ruwonsiti to discuss the compensation is not complete yet, people all over the house's demolition act as barriers to progress are.

Because of this composition ruwonsiti highway projects Kyung Straighten the differences between linear and Maritime Affairs Ministry confirmed that administrative procedures do not have one without the implementation of the compensation and removal has been pointed out too hurried.

Land and Housing Corp. ruwonsitisaeopdan official, "After we implement all the administrative procedures to resume dismantling future is bound to take a long time," said, "Seo-gu Office jurisdiction Respondent is an implementation plan to stink even before the side road blocks gas drilling in the recovery without permission request to allow construction of the planned cooperation, "he said

Focus-Lu 1 city may stop Development for a few day because of Inner Argument between tenant and Developer.

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Impressive visions. Koreans are lucky to live these years of social and cultural expansion, in comparison with other stagnating areas in the world. But I'm afraid when next BIG overproduction crisis will strike, we'll see in the core of Asia the same horrible wars we europeans experienced during last century. Asian workers should prepare in advance for civil revolts and organize for a revolution to go beyond capitalism, to go beyond the limits of destructive falling-profit-rates trend.
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