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A project for 151-story twin tower in SongDo city is under way.
This is the combined effort between an american real estate developer and
korean construction companies.

The mayor of Incheon City(in which SongDo is) and John Portman of Portman Group
singed MOU regarding 1.92 million pyoung development plan.

Portman Group will form a consortium with domestic companies including
Hyundai construction among others. The completion of the project is planned by
Aug/2010. The target date is set ahead of ShangHai Expo Oct/2010.


The height of these towers(610m) is over twice the current record holder(Tower
Palace, 69f, 264m).

Both towers will be connected by 3 bridges. 50% dedicated to the office space
and the rest to multi-use. Hotel in one side and high end appartment in the
another. At the top, restaurants, leisure facilities and in the underground
convention center and shops will be located.

The total cost 11 Billion US$ will be funded 40% from Portman and the
rest from domestc (korean) investing banks and funds.

start of construction is planned to be in February 2008


New Design:


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Awesome! I love the design, and the skybridges look brilliant. This project will be very interesting indeed. :cheers:

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Does anyone have the location of the site that we can look at on Google Earth? Because of the render, I'm curious to see what the area really looks like.

Either way, these things are beautiful.
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