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Indian Independence day is 15th August.

Let's celebrate the spirit of India through pics! And since Incredible India is the mantra of India tourism here goes..

Some pics from Bhraman

Amar Mahal, Jammu

Beas River, Manali

Kedarnath Temple

Chamser Kangri Peak

Paragliding at Solang valley

Barak Express to Haflong, Assam

Gulmarg Valley

Andaman Islands

House Boat, Quilon, Kerala

Dal Lake, Srinagar

Padmini Haveli, Chittorgarh

Sajnekhali, Sunderaban, W Bengal


His Royal Highness
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Despite the march of modernization and the ever growing population, India still has an amazing variety of wildlife. A tribute to India's enchanting and diverse wildlife, 57 years since Independance -

Pride of the country, the bengal tiger. India has the largest tiger population in the world and the battle is still on to save this magnificent beast.

India, the last remaining natural home of the Asiatic Lion, in the Gir forests of Gujarat.

The amazing Indian elephants -

The mysterious and deadly Indian panthers (leopards) -

The one-horned Indian Rhino -

The Langoor -

The rare fish-eating Garial crocodiles -

The Chital game -


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one of the greatest picture threads ever.

lets keep it going folks.

This beauty just makes me cry with joy *sniff*

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Great thread Suncity!

We should all coss-post in this thread incredible photos of India you've seen posted in other forum threads, so this thread can be a stunning resource itself!
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