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Hi everybody!

India has a population of aboot 1.2 billion, Mumbai itself is a city smaller than Sydney which boasts a metro-population of about 12 million, and an urban population of about 20 million, in total of 32 million people in the one city! Indian currency = rupee, 32 rupees = $1au.

India is also under a current economic boom due to global commodities, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals IT & western countries outsorcing. This has actually helped the city provide: better infrastructure, homeless shelters, create jobs!

Anyway enough chit chat! I´ll go through the scenery & what its like to be on a normal street in this city!

The hotel I stayed at, JW Marriott - exceptional food, services & perks.

The view from my window, Juhu beach at barely 6am!

In the afternoon.

The pool.

The pond, had little fishies inside too!

I´ll show the fantastic buffet of the hotel a bit later!

Even at night its still packed, although this attributes to its interesting nightlife.

Night life with street parades.

Did you think Sydney & Melbourne´s peak hourroads were clogged? You´re right then! THat´s atleast 1 thing Mumbai is good at - exceptional public transport means that you can find rikshaws that charge you barely a $2au for 10 minutes of riding. The road is also totally anarchist - no regards for rules or signals lol but everyone seems to manage, honking constantly is a sign of that!

At night

ROFL AT THIS BUFFALO - this is normal in India btw, I saw a black buffalo and dog at an intersection holding up traffic when I didnt have my camera

Unfinished construction and typical entrances to buildings.

A typical food stand that sells a hot fresh Vada Pow (veggie pattie sandwich) for 2rs/, thats right, 3 cents au!

You´ll prolly be shocked at the fact that this is one of the poshest suburbs in Mumbai.. but it is! It sits on a lake and not far from the CBD and beaches. This is the most common type of apartment building you´ll find and it looks like a slum! An apartment here would cost about $250,000au, but thats extreme if you consider the proportion of Indian and Australian salaries.


I´ll finish off with a few nice pics from the hotel´s executive lounge and buffets! The buffets come around to 500rs/$15au.


Pizza to order!

Salads and stuff.

There are more but I didn´t wanna take up too much space!

I´ve arrived in Barcelona, Spain not too long ago. I´ll be jetting off to Paris/Geneva/Amsterdam/Helsinki/London, hope to blog that up and provide people with an insight!
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