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India: Stadia & other Sports infrastructure

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This thread is meant for India Sports Infrastructure..we can discuss about new projects, upcoming stadiums and other sports facilities ,we can post the pictures of existing stadiums as well.

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Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium, Chennai

The stadium was built in time for the South Asian Federation Games in 1995 (when India beat Pakistan 5-2 in the finals). The stadium has also played host to the 1996 Champions Trophy.

Some of the salient features of the stadium are:

Capacity : 8,760 (compared to 50,000+ of Lahore)
Owner: Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu
Cost: Rs. 9.05 crore (excluding the artificial turf)
Amenities: Rooms for Players, Physiotherapy, Medical and Officials, Conference Room, VIP Lounge
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KARI RACE CIRCUIT,Coimbatore....this race circuit is named in memory of Karivardhan-an industrialist, engineer & motor racer , this is the second race circuit in India only after chennai.

Kari became a legend in his short lifetime, which ended tragically in an air crash (when he tried to fly using his long rested plane) in Coimbatore in 1995. By then, he had set high standards for the likes of Karthikeyan to follow. By a coincidence, Kari is distantly related to Karthikeyan

KNOW ABOUT KARI...A man behind Indian Race

Click :


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Hyderabad Sports Stadia

Nagambukkum Tennis Stadium, Chennai

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i like that 4th picture ..which one is it..?
Anniyan said:
i like that 4th picture ..which one is it..?
South Central Railway Sports complex, Secunderabad.
Hyderabad is the best location to hold OLYMPICS...
Anniyan said:
Hyderabad is the best location to hold OLYMPICS...
Well... In a way yes. Major metros like Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay are too crowded & over populated. On top of that, building Olympic village requires billions of dollars of investment. Mumbai & Delhi for instance have incredibly high land prices & holding Olympics is close to impossible there unless government goes out of its way to invest in olympic village. even if it does. it'll be huge loss. for instance if you are spending $25 billion in Delhi or Mumbai its as good as spending $13 billion in Bangalore or Hyderabad simply because they are lot cheaper. Plus, our 4 major metros airports just cannot handle Olymics traffic even after upgrading & thats a stark reality. So new airports are a must. A lot more land is needed for new airport that metros just dont have.

If you look at last 4 summer olympics. US invested in Atlanta, a secondary metro. Spain invested in Barcelona (not madrid), that leaves Sydney & Athens. They may be main cities of Australia & Greece respectively but population wise they can only be compared to Hyderabad, Bangalore or even less. China is over spending out of its way into olympic stadia, village & facilities in Beijing. Not every country has to do that. You can still hold a great olympics & be justified. There is already a huge uproar about holding olympics in New York in 2012. New Yorkers dont want it. too crowded & over populated.

If india wants to go for holding summer olympics after 2010. I will prefer this.

4 major metros (keep in mind. All 4 metros needed brand new airport to be built to tolerate summer olympic traffic)

4 - Mumbai
3 - Calcutta
2 - Delhi (already will host 2010 common wealth by that time)
1 - Madras (simply because it will be cost effective & Madras hasn't held a major sporting event in long time. worthwhile to invest in sporting arenas. but major draw back is its located quiet down south & on sea)

Secondary Metros

4 - Pune
3 - Ahmedabad
2 - Hyderabad (Draw back: already held 2 major events. 32nd national games & Afro Asian games & now 2007 World Military Games . Major advantages: State-of-the-art airport ready by 2007, just needs to rapidly expand to tolerate summer olympic traffic & also city is centrally located)

1 - Bangalore (Major advantages: Bangalore is software capital of the world & already world renown. Bangalore hasn't held a major sporting event in long, long time. Bangalore's state-of-the-art airport will be ready by 2008 & just needed rapid expansion to tolerate olympic traffic. An investment of $15 billion in sports infrastructure will do world of good for bangalore & will be cost effective)

Bangalore is my # 1 choice to hold olympics if Olympics is ever held in India.
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Tips from Melbourne for C'wealth Games

Delhi is taking lessons on playing host from Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games 2010. Accessible venues built as per international standards, an integrated transport system for easy access and high level of private participation in infrastructure and information are some of the recommendations that have been inspired from Melbourne's preparation for its Games to be held in 2006.

Amongst the recommendations made in the presentation was the necessity of having all venues within accessible distance either by foot or through public transport systems. The Melbourne Games village and its various stadia were with a radius of 6.5 kms. The venues and village were also within 3.5 kms radius of the central business district. "The idea is to make the entire area around the village and the venues self-sustaining. The participants and visitors must be able to find food courts, medical attention and the venues within a short distance," an official said.

The city had also paid a lot of emphasis on private participation in investments and volunteers. The presentation suggested that a lot of investment on infrastructure had been made by MNCs while nearly 16,000 volunteers had pitched in, in areas like help desks and traffic regulation. "Melbourne had introduced campaigns like litter-free city to garner public support," the official said.

Venues also planned to use solar energy to cut down power costs by nearly 30 per cent.
Greater Noida's GNIDA To Create A 35 Acre Multi-Speciality Sporting Center At Cost Of Rs 11 Crore

By Sanjay Sharma, Section Infrastructure
Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2005 at 07:45:21 PM EST

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) is embarking on an ambitious project to construct a multi-specialty sporting centre in the township at a cost of about Rs 11 crore. A land area of 35 acres has been earmarked for the project. Of the total cost, the Central Government is likely to chip in with about Rs 3 crore.
Work on the project is expected to start by the middle of the current fiscal, officials said. While Greater Noida Stadium is expected to house mainly

facilities for Cricket, provisions are also made for a
swimming pool and laying Astroturf for
synthetic track for field and track events like
basketball and
GNIDA officials said.

According to officials, the sporting facilities would be constructed in line with international specifications.

P.S. Sorry, could not get the full story
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Noida Building Stadia & Extending Metro To Prepare For The Commonwealth Games 2010

By Rajesh Kumar, Section Infrastructure
Posted on Tue Dec 14th, 2004 at 07:29:32 PM EST

Noida, December 13: Noida is making a serious bid to host some events for the Commonwealth Games in 2010.
And to give the necessary build-up to sports infrastructure, a 25,000-capacity stadium has been approved on the Expressway.
Space has also been earmarked in the Masterplan for more sports infrastructure near the proposed botanical garden at the World Nature Centre and in Sector 101.
An upbeat Chairman and CEO, Deo Datta, says: ``We are looking 50 years ahead of us. With a Masterplan for 2021, Noida is preparing itself to welcome the Commonwealth Games. It is angling for National Games in 2009 and Commonwealth Games the next year. The Metro is finally coming for sure. Besides, there is going to be loads of infrastructure development.''
Meanwhile, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has submitted the Draft Detailed Project Report for a Metro link to the Noida authorities. Anuj Dayal, CPRO, said approval of the governments concerned is pending. ``We hope the approval comes soon as the line will provide an important link for Commonwealth,'' said Dayal.
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Anyone have more info on the commonwealth location, etc? Are they building a stadium, etc?
New Hyderabad Cricket Stadium: Best cricket stadium in India

Rajeev Gandhi stadium, Hyd: Its infrastructure & facilities are to be the best in India & World's Top 5 cricket stadia.

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^^ wow.......looks bigger than the Eden Gardens
Luckystreak said:
^^ wow.......looks bigger than the Eden Gardens
LuckyStreak................New Hyderabad cricket Stadium is unofficially stated to be the largest stadium in Asia & one of the 5 largest in the world. UNOFFICIALLY that is. But this could also be a hype. But reports claim that its definitely the best & state-of-the-art stadium in India.

here is another U/C image

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^^what is its capacity??

Lal bahadur stadium although located in prime location has got the reputation of the flattest pitch in India (literally every ODI match played there has a 300+ scores).....hope this new one would live up to world standards...
Luckystreak said:
^^what is its capacity??

Lal bahadur stadium although located in prime location has got the reputation of the flattest pitch in India (literally every ODI match played there has a 300+ scores).....hope this new one would live up to world standards...
LS...........dont know yet. Its going to be a 3 Tier Stadium. now compare that to Eden Gardens which is 2 tier. The only other cricket stadium that is 3 tier is Melbourne cricket grounds. You get the idea. India has no three tier stadium. With everything being said and done, i doubt this new stadium will have capacity more than 75,000. LBS is flattest of the wickets & a very small ground. This wicket on this one is grassy it is said. all the first class matches, indian batsman struggled. fast bowlers did better. It has been said the wicket is quiet sporty.
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