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Indianapolis, One Indiana Square. .:WIND DAMAGE:.

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This Building was damaged by straight line winds. Sad situation, Its already cuased 1.5 million dollars in damage to some of the surrounding buildings caused by falling debris. They say that the structure is stable and the good news is that the building is repairable. I'll update as more is available.

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It is a good thing that this isn't coming down, our skyline can't afford to loose its 3rd tallest!
They must have been pretty strong winds, as a building should be above code to let that happen....otherwise shoddy workmanship and construction.
I agree, the building is only 25-30 years old.
Were there any casualties?

Hopefully this will be repaired and back in service asap.
dont u think the bottom part of the damage looks quite kool...the wavy windowed part
probably a result of having a square corner?
maybe it caused a suction effect on this side as the wind sped around the edge?
maybe more skyscrapers should have rounded corners? ie. hsbc tower in canary wharf london? - not that it's an amazing skyscraper. Just an oblong with rounded corners...
Yeah, the square corners might of done that. Its hard to see in the pictures but it looks like the wind whiped through one side of the building, and out the other. I bet it was like a wind tunnel effect. Oh yeah, no deaths and no injuries. It happened around 9:00-10:00 at night so I was empty for the most part. There was one person trapped on the last floor but they made it out ok from what i hear.
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zeeshanney said:
dont u think the bottom part of the damage looks quite kool...the wavy windowed part
yes, its like a ghery facade - all wavy!
What a damn wind can do like this!!!!! so scary.
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