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If you know of any art and photography links that you think deserve to be included, kindly share them with us in this thread.

Gomma Magazine - Gomma is one of the freshest independent publications on image-making out there. Issue 3 features Daido Moriyama, Anders Petersen, Boris Mikhailov, Boogie, Lise Sarfati, Jacob Aue Sobol and many other talented photographers.

Encore Magazine - Encore combines the look and feel of a print magazine with fashionable web features to showcase a wide spectrum of a creative content, from photography and illustrations to typography, fashion and product design to architecture and lifestyle.

Born Magazine - "Born is an all-volunteer project that brings together writers, artists, and others from diverse fields to create storytelling artworks. Our name reflects the creative process nurtured by collaboration and the bringing together of traditional and new forms of art and literature, diverse media, and emerging technologies."

HEAD Magazine is an online publication designed to showcase the creative talents of established and emerging visual artists from all over the world. It provides an editorial-free platform for exhibiting the work of photographers, artists, illustrators and designers.

Theme Magazine Theme magazine is a quarterly publication that covers global avant-garde Asian culture. It examines relevant and little-discussed phenomena of a contemporary Asian culture and brings it to a discerning, well-educated, and extensively traveled audience.

DQ Books - a graphic improvisation project. Every once a while, artists, illustrators, and photographers from all over the world join their efforts in an interdisciplinary "cadavre exquis " game.

Blueeyes Magazine is an online documentary photography magazine devoted to publishing new long-term project work. The magazine strives to publish longer, more personal, and more intricate bodies of work, in direct contrast to the traditional models of the newspaper photo story or the over-simplified, stereotypical coverage of broadcast journalism outlets.
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