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Well ...
At least this make us proud to have variety of Pop Music Star .....
that are well known in Malaysia, SIngapore and Brunei ....

1. Dewa

2. Sheila on Seven

3. Peter Pan
4. Gigi
5. Padi
6. Jamrud
7. Boomerang
8. Sirius
9. Cokelat
10. SLank

11. Iwan Fals
12. Kris Dayanti
13. Glenn
14. Delon
15. Rossa
16. Yuni SHara
17. Monica

Add your list please ....
Don't forget the picture ....

Viva ... Indonesia Music ...... :cheers:

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macgyver said:
She is currently ... playing in a drama/sinetron .... with one personnel of F4 there ... right ?
Yes from what i heard, Agnes is currently filming her first season role with one of F4 (I forgot his name) in a Taiwanese drama. She also known in Tokyo Japan because her music producer is Japanese. She also has perform in a Japanese music awward along side BOA(korean Japanese singer).She did a good job because good comments from Japanese teens were heard.Her performance will also help when she released her Album "And THe Story Goes" in Japan this year.

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About Agnes Monica...considering she knows very little Mandarin, I think her voice will be dubbed when the drama screens. It happens a lot in Chinese series...they did the same with a lot Cantonese - speaking actors/actress...and Koreans.

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Fenomena Inul Darasita concert: Gyrating show by dangdut diva

More than 8,000 people swarmed the Stadium Merdeka field, dancing and gyrating, with Indonesian dangdut superstar Inul Darasita leading the way.

Drenched in sweat, the fans were undeterred by the prolonged light drizzle.

Although the local show organiser, IMS Prima Sdn Bhd, had expected twice the crowd, the show was entertaining, showcasing Inul and her energetic song-and-dance routine.

Backed by her 10-piece ‘Audienci’ band and two backup singers, Inul (picture) proved she’s the numero uno dangdut singer in Indonesia, not only through her sexy dance moves, described as vulgar by some, but her excellent vocal prowess, too.

She kicked off the two-hour body-shaking show, clad in a powder blue figure-hugging pant suit adorned with petals, after local comedian/singer Salih Yaakob opened the concert with his song, Sabun Mandi.

With most of the audience crowding the front of the stage being Indonesians, Inul must have felt right at home.

The concert, billed as Fenomena Inul Darasita, is not only for dangdut fans but everyone, as the diva also belted out popular pop numbers,with a dangdut twist

Among them were What’s Up, Peterpan’s Ada Apa Dengan Mu, Shakira’s Objection, Jennifer Lopez’s Let’s Get Loud and Semalam Di Malaysia, where she performed a duet with Indonesian guest artiste Andy Achmad.

Inul also impressed a Malaysian fan when she brilliantly interpreted Siti Nurhaliza’s traditional number Nirmala, showcasing her excellent vocal control.

With her superb vocal ability, hitting the high notes accompanied by all the intricate yet sensuous body shaking, Inul seemed to have boundless energy.

Oozing with sex appeal throughout the show, she satisfied her sporting audience with more than a dozen songs, some taken from her own album, with three costume changes.

The ticket prices of RM35, RM55 and RM150 may be steep but Inul gave her fans their money’s worth.
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