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I can't read this news clip but some opposition parties and local newspapers are making the new alignment an elitist political issue as if only those who want to go from Indore to Bhopal or from Bhopal to Indore matter!

The towns, villages in between, and the whole region between the two largest cities of Madhya Pradesh, their economic prospects and potential matter too. The old alignment is good in some parts and in poor shape and overcrowded in some parts. It is about 80 to 30 kilometer away from the new alignment. Once completed, properly maintained and connected, the two will create a major large economic, education and services corridor in central India, just like the eastern and western peripheral highways are likely to create around Delhi in the next 5 to 15 years.

The proposed greenfield will join near NH 45, bringing Jabalpur and other major towns of Madhay Pradesh closer to Indore, its largest city and a hub of educational institutes, industry and other economic activity. The time savings for a journey between Indore to southern and eastern parts of Bhopal would be 30 to 60 minutes, plus fuel savings.

They should extend NH 46 into a complete ring road around Bhopal, covering the south and joining it to the west of the upper lake near the highway 18. That ring road could offer a junction to the proposed new alignment.

The challenge before India is the last 5 to 15 kilometers! In my experience after visiting the field in many states, thousands of kilometers of highways in India in many states are increasingly world class, or good enough, to average 70 to 100 kilometers per hour for several hours, it is the last 5 to 15 kilometers near or around or through a major city where the average speed reduces to between 5 to 15 kilometers per hour (3 to 10 mph). Bypass, ring roads, and highways through the city would make a major difference, improve productivity and quality of life for the locals, accelerate economic activity, save a lot of fuel and reduce pollution.
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