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Infosys, Pune india OMG!!!

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I had posted a thread called out of this world buildings a while back. The thread ended up getting locked. Here is a building that I had shown a picture of before. It was underconstruction. Here is what it looks like now!

New Infosys campus under construction in Pune - photo's by reidmix
It is right next to other campus

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To those who doubted that they would use those kinds of designs... :baeh3:
That is one reason why original thread was closed. Stuff were thought to not even be under construction.
In the construction pics it looks like a spaceship crash landed into the ground. I'm sure the finished result will be much better.
looks nice but I think it would have been better if those pylons werent there supporting the thing up
Interesting looking... can't say that i particularly enjoy it. It looks a bit out of place as well.
Interesting design, really futuristic look. I love it. :)
Interesting stuff.. looks like infy guys r gonna have their own DOME theatre :lol:
wat the hell, is this a campus or a starwars spaceship
I'm just glad that they're finally building innovative buildings in India.

IMO this new Pune campus, as may people have already said, looks like something from a sci-fi movie.
Very "sci-fi" indeed :)
Interesting. Look more like theaters instead of a university campus.
I can't believe India will have such an interesting place like this.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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