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Hello everybody!

In my mind we need a place where to discuss about public transport
So, let's use this thread alive!
And let's post old and planned public transport pics, maps and discuss about all this!

Maybe i will start with all Riga public transport pics ... but this will be a little bit later! ;)
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Hey Laurijs,

I am interested in development of Riga's Public Transportation System, especially trams. I would like finally to get a ride in Purvciems, Plavnieki, Ziepniekkalns using trams, these three lines were planned to be built long time ago. Do you think is it going to be possible during my lifetime? I was born in 1970. Of course if, I will have a power, I would plan more lines, because I want to see Riga as the city of Trams. I was surprised, when I found out the information about planned line in airport and I heard that for this line will need to build another bridge over railroad, I saw on the map, this bridge will be on Maza Nometnu Street, starting right after tram stop "Ormanu Street" of lines ##2,8, and I think it is better to build a tunnel in that place under Maza Nometnu Street and exit from the tunnel in the middle of Lielibres Street, like 200 meters away from Kalnciema's bridge and also I would to start thinking about a line to Zolitude through Pleskodale and maybe connect this line with Imanta. Also I am thinking about an extension of lines # 2 and # 8 all way to Bolderaja and maybe even Daugavgriva. Don't take me seriosly, this is my fantasy, I know that, this never going to happend. I also can develope my fantasy more about right coast of Daugava too. I just want say that, Skantes Street should be used for tramlines. Also I found out that, line # 10 will go through Lucavsala, this is interesting, but I don't understand that, how they are going to connect Vienibas Gatve with Lucavsala through whole old Tornakalns. One more thing, I can not open yours Could you help me? I want to see what is this. I am also glad that, so many other people are intersted in development of Trams in Riga.
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You can look at planned scheme of tramlines in Riga here (red lines are trams - existing and planned):

You would see that there are no trams to Bolderaja (there is planned passenger railway on existing rails - but nothing is done). No trams to Vecaki, Mangalsala - railway is rather close. I am very sad that there is no tram extension until Open Air Museum planned - that one is needed very much!
The most weird things - there is no tram in Kipsala highrise district planned. There is no tram in future administrative centre in Tornakalns planned - lines are nearby but not through it.
- - -
Tram projects should get much more support from people - currently they seem to be very expensive but their effect on city would be extremely positive. Choose only those political parties who support trams :D
- - -
Planned tramline at Riga airport. They tried to apply for EU Cohesion funds to build it - but it was not set as high priority and there is clearly not enough EU money to cover our big needs. But I hope very much that airport, state and city will find a way to construct it.
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If you are looking at an accurate map of Riga metropolitan area, it's easy to see that Riga has quite dense railway network. Have your politicians considered to develop some kind of modern S-bahn system utilizing the already existing rails and stations?
Have your politicians considered...
They have. They speak and speak about it for years. Btw. lots of people use suburban rail - we got 6 suburban directions to Jurmala, Jelgava, Ogre, Ergli (least active), Sigulda and Saulkrasti. Lots of inner city stations are used inside Riga - you can go to beach inside city when taking Saulkrasti direction. Lots of people use railway to go to work - I would think that even some 25%. See Webpage of "Pasazieru vilciens". - somehow only Latvian version works. - this page shows all the routes and time schedules of Latvian railways.

Just some more activities and you could have one more line - to Bolderaja inside Riga(rails exist, but are ot used).
- - -
Just today there was announced that all suburban passenger railway vagons would be renovated - over the next three years - 68 vagons. First sets will start running this autumn.
- - -
In order to have really good inner city railway there is needed to develop low-floor passenger railway. Railway is considering this and we can expect first purchases of such trains in 2009.
- - -
Riga Central Railway Station for the second time has announced tender on sheltered entrance hall above rails - first time they failed.
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I cant speak for other directions, but train Riga - Ogre is always packed and i dont think RDZ are capable to increase the number of departures. Anyhow, something has to be done, im sick of standing in tambour, squeezed like a sardine when its +30 outside. And thats every working day...
Hi, Hi,
what an excellent thread!

At the time when the major world countries and most of the cities in the developed world are looking at a potential routes as to how the car use could be reduced and the usage of the public transport and bicycles could be encouraged and integrated in the growing economies, Riga is being particularly ignorant to this aspect.
.............Yes, I will argue that there are a dozen of "Park and Ride" sites on their way. Great! At least something (still, the Q remains: who will be ready to swap their air-conditioned car to the overcrowded :dance: tram?)
Nevertheless, when talking about Riga Council's affection to latvian disabled people, push-bikers, pedestrians (do not even start on this one :)) and tramps I easily lose my cool. :guns1:

Why not purchase trams where we could board our bikes and build loads of bike ways?

Check this out
:blahblah: Tunnels and bridges/tunnels and bridges tunnels and bridges/tunnels and bridges

Gatis, is there any chance you could post some refernces regarding Riga's BIKE PLAN.

Thanx :)

If I understood corectly and the pic you shoved has the tramline in it then it will be the red line I drew? yes?

if so then Riga airport will look really great ... but the terminals will then be rebuild
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@nomels - I don't know about bike plan for Riga. Sorry that I have not elaborated it, pushed through City Council, purchased the land from private owners (main obstacle) and attracted financing for construction. You can blame only me if Riga does not have bike roads. :D
Yes, I am working with tunnel and bridge project. Does it mean that I am doing something bad and unneeded? I remember earlier times when I organised beach clean-ups and LOCAL people living at the beaches came and complained that I don't organise cleaning up their own courtyards!
- - -
@Hybrid87 - yes, that's the one, that's the planned route for tram. Airport is preparing to reconstruct the front part of terminal (may be they already have started).
to Gatis
:carrot: Nice one. I mean those complaints. You really made me laugh.
WELL, you could do a lot about it - you've got this splendid chance to create an inclusive tunnel/bridge design (there are plenty of bad examples to learn from - like Salu bridge - I am a big guy, but it is, f... scary to use that tunnel and Vansu Bridge - those post in the middle....gee). Those new projects provide fantastic opportunity to make them (BIKE ROADS), don't you think? :wave:
Bike road in 4.5 km long tunnel (that's one of options) ??? that would be creepy :D We really are thinking how to squeeze three lines of cars there in each direction - but adding bikes on sides (even with two lines) would be really dangerous.
But you should not be in doubt regarding the roads outside tunnel - there bike roads are compulsory.
Sounds :cheers: divine
Gatis, I've read conflicting infomration regarding the proposals to connect railroad links between Petersala and Ilguciems/Spilve via a railroad tunner (or bridge) that would go along with the proposed road crossing over Daugava. Do you know if these are only rumors or the city of Riga is actually planning to do so?

It would be great if they connect these links, because it would create a rairoad ring surrounding the city center, similart to Ring S-Bahn in Berlin.
@LV_ELF - nothing concrete on this yet, although this sounds sensible (and you are not the first one with this idea). The new city development plan has got a line showing hypothetical railway crossing close to Northern Crossing. And it is not forgotten ;)
Thanks Gatis. I am glad that the idea is still floating around. I know it will be years before it becomes a reality, but Riga would certainly benefit from it.
Gatis said:
I remember earlier times when I organised beach clean-ups and LOCAL people living at the beaches came and complained that I don't organise cleaning up their own courtyards!
Typical ****-sovieticus response! They expect everyone else but themselves to clean after their own yard... Unfortunately i dont think they will change their state of mind, so at worse next generation will take notice that first of all, you are responsible for surroundings around you and with self-initiative you can ask help from local or whatever government.

Still, i too can throw some rocks into the Riga council garden! I mean theres lots of talking about reducing motorized transport in centre but nothing meaningfull has been done. At one point, i dont understand how come that cars and vans are still allowed to enter old city??? Bike roads are another discussed issue, and i dont see any improvements in last 5 years. I have the feeling that those who drive are more priviligised than pedestrians, if you ask me, should be another way around.
/\ dont worry, car worshipping is just a phase that will be passed soon ;)
Riga is quite big (and very beautiful) and therefore I think it really deserves a Metro.
Chilenofuturista said:
Riga is quite big (and very beautiful) and therefore I think it really deserves a Metro.

The metro idea is old but never completed, but still the only solution in Riga for sure. It is expensive project for naw, but....there can talking more and more about that problem :)
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