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Inland landscapes and cities of Kingdoms of León and Castile. SPAIN.

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Welcome to the historical Kingdoms of Castile and León, here I'll show images taken in the inland provinces of those historical kingdoms which are not very famous around the world but are filled of heritage (around 20 World Heritage Sites) and beautiful landscapes.

PS: Sorry my bad English.
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Valladolid province.

ATARDECER EN TOROZOS por titoalfredo, en Flickr.

Cain de Arriba, León.

Cain de Arriba por OneEighteen, en Flickr.
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love the photos, I especially like Valladolid province...:eek:kay:
I didn't like that pic too much when I posted, but I like now :)
Thank you ;)
Toledo ciudad.

P5124536 por jauspe, en Flickr.

Hayedo de Montejo, Madrid.

Hayedo de Montejo (3) por M Rey Alonso, en Flickr.
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Salamanca ciudad.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca HDR por marcp_dmoz, en Flickr.

:drool: Bravo!
Obrigado, Gracias.
I've been in Salamanca 3 weeks ago. :)
Thank you.
I hope you liked it, it's a fantastic city, and always filled of young people :D
La Alberca, Salamanca:

LA ALBERCA por PIKAPLE, en Flickr.

Las Médulas, León:

Las médulas 1 por perlaroques, en Flickr.
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1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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