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Inside Shanghai shopping malls

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Grand Gateway, picture 1

Grand Gateway, picture 2


Plaza 66

(Nanjing West Road)

Super Brand Mall

(Pudong, Lujiazui Financial District)
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The prices for western brands ar actually higher. And yes they are empty. The only large scale shopping mall that is fully occupied and busy is Grand Gateway. The Super Brand mall is about 30% occupied. Plaza 66 has an occupancy of about 50%. There are much more nearly empty shopping malls e.g. at Huahai Road, like the Times Square and the Shanghai Square.
superchan7 said:
Are they selling at western price levels or something? Besides the Grand Gateway mall, the others look empty.
They do not make (much) money. But they also have favorite investment conditions. (Continued below..)

superchan7 said:
Hmm...where's the money being made then? =(
Saigonese said:
Didn't these guys do proper market analysis before embarking on such projects?
No (some of them).
Just to give a rough idea how this works: The city of Shanghai decides to redevelop e.g. Nanjing Road. They search for investors who want to risk money here, but not at high stake: The investment conditions can e.g. include "no tax or very low rates (including property tax) as long as no revenues are made". Favorite prices for utilities: electricity, gas and water. Many malls include one large department store, whose proprieting company mostly belongs to the original investors.

Handsome said:
First: Yes, many malls. Second: Shanghai also has many not so wealthy people, those who can not afford to buy original Gucci, Lagerfeld or Cartier at Plaza 66, at prices where one coat easily exceeds the yearly income. The international malls are simply too expensive for the average Shanghaiese.
We have to discern between shopping malls and department stores. Parkson and Taipingyang (Pacific) are department stores, not shopping malls. The department stores in Shanghai are usually good accepted by customers, as the price level is not so high as in the more exclusive priced shopping malls.

lester said:
most shopping malls in Huaihai Rd., Xujiahui & Nanjing Rd. are so damn crowded
especially for Parkson & Pacific
TheBigKahuna said:
...The problem with the Grand Gateway was location as not many locals live in Pudong...
Sorry, but Grand Gateway is in Xujiahui, not Pudong...
...The Super Brand Mall is the one in Pudong.

Handsome said:
I think the price of Grand gateway is OK,but the Palza 66 is expensive
Second that... (see far above)
Second that. Definitions (taken from Wikipedia, edited), with some examples from Shanghai:

A shopping mall is a building or set of buildings that contain stores and have interconnecting walkways that make it easy for people to walk from store to store. The walkways may or may not be enclosed. These malls can include supermarkets and department stores. In the United Kingdom and Australia these are called shopping centres or shopping arcades.
Grand Gateway (Xujiahui); Times Square, Shanghai Square, Hongkong Plaza (all Huaihai Road); Plaza 66, CITIC Square, Jiu Guang (all Nanjing West Road), Super Brand Mall (Pudong).

A department store is one large scale store that organizes its goods by departments, such as women's clothes, home furnishings, electronics, and the like. Department stores range from elaborate, fancy shops to practical outlets for ordinary merchandise.
Liu Bai, Taipingyang, Huijin (all Xujiahui); Shanghai No. 2, Taipingyang, Parksons, Printemps Shanghai (all Huaihai Road); Shanghai No. 1, New World City, Shanghai Landmark (all Nanjing East Road)

A supermarket is a store that sells a wide variety of goods including food and alcohol (where permitted), medicine, clothes, and other household products that are consumed regularly. It is often part of a chain that owns or controls other supermarkets. Supermarkets usually offer products at low prices.
Hualian, Lianhua, Jiechang, Jiadeli, Carrefour (all chains with many supermarkets spread all over the city.) BTW: Hualian and Lianhua simply number their supermarkets, looking out of the window i see Hualian No. 332 down there...
raymond_tung88 said:
Shopping malls are a kind of indoor centre with many different stores. They can have department stores, but they also MUST have smaller stores and shops. They also can have restaurants, office buildings, etc.

A department stores is just ONE store such as Parksons, Wal Mart, Mitsukoshi, etc.
太平洋百货:It's also referred to as "Pacific Department Store". Their website (also including pictures) is at: (Sorry, Chinese only)
raymond_tung88 said:
What's the Taipingyang department store? Never heard of it before. Is it Chinese? Does anybody have pictures?
太平洋百货 aka Pacific Dept. Store is part of the SOGO group.
InitialD18 said:
pacific dept store looks pretty cool ...
it looks a little like sogo ...
do they have sogo in sh?
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