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TheBigKahuna said:
All the malls in Xujiahui are packed! The Grand Gateway is kind of expensive for most Shanghainese but the restaurant on the top floor is great. I had dinner there with some friends and it had a live piano player with a Kawai and the view of the Xujiahui district was stunning. I found the locals were at the Southern Shopping center more where the prices were more reasonable. I also spent half a day at the Grand Gateway, the prices were also relatively high but they had a number of fine restaurants, I had Japanese style noodles and Sushi on conveyor belts for very reasonable prices. The problem with the Grand Gateway was location as not many locals live in Pudong and would not go so far to buy things when there are places more convenient for them. I ate ate at Plaza 66 where you exchange currency for tokens and then they had about 100 vendors where you ordered any kind of food from, very interesting concept.
I think the price of Grand gateway is OK,but the Palza 66 is expensive
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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