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Inside Shanghai shopping malls

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Grand Gateway, picture 1

Grand Gateway, picture 2


Plaza 66

(Nanjing West Road)

Super Brand Mall

(Pudong, Lujiazui Financial District)
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Well, as China becomes richer, so will the average income. Pretty soon the Shanghainese will start buying the real McCoys.

Anyways other than the amlls that you showed us, what other shopping malls are there? Anybody got pictures of the Next Age Department Store?
Which shopping mall is the biggest in Shanghai?
Shopping malls are a kind of indoor centre with many different stores. They can have department stores, but they also MUST have smaller stores and shops. They also can have restaurants, office buildings, etc.

A department stores is just ONE store such as Parksons, Wal Mart, Mitsukoshi, etc.
lester said:
in China, we dont strictly distinguish shopping malls from department stores, hmm,whats the criteria of shopping malls? A department store with supermarkets inside? if so, all pix above are not shopping malls. on the other hand, imo,shopping malls are more low-price than those stores.
What's the Taipingyang department store? Never heard of it before. Is it Chinese? Does anybody have pictures?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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