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mauko...I like your logo better....more bold...more dynamic....more memorable...a bit more evil (like dancing devil tails) :eek:kay:

Dear, Palm-Bangkok,
Thanks for posting this picture, it 's showing me the "interchange-logo" very clearly.
My company here in Switzerland together with our Thai-Partner are involved in building this tower. Therefore I was asked to do some Logos for the new building. Out of several sketches they oviously did choose one of my drawings, did change it and simplyfied it a little bit (no more arrows), but the writing still remained the same... Well see for yourselfs.
I just wanted to say thank you, because I havn't seen it before and what they came up with in Thailand.



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Finally looks like they are working on landscaping the area in front now - it's fenced off.
looks like they are working on it since long, and at least some fence is away already too

because following picture was taken at 11 Oct 2008(2551) by UweBKK (flickr)

i wonder that there are not more pics from the base yet.
anybody can take a walk there please? :)


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ทุกอย่างดูดีนะค่ะ แต่ Lobby หน้าลิฟต์ ยังไม่โดนใจหนูค่ะ ดูเหมือนจะเก่าๆยังไงก็ไม่รู้:lol:

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เพิ่งผ่านไปแถวนั้น เลยได้สังเกตชื่อตึก
ข้างซ้ายชื่อ Interchange tower ส่วนตึกตรงข้ามชื่อ Exchange tower
521 - 540 of 639 Posts
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