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Intercourse is a village (unincorporated) in Leacock Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Intercourse was originally called "Cross Keys", after an old tavern. The name "Intercourse" was taken in 1814, although it is unknown how the name was derived. One possibility is that it refers to the intersection of the old King's Highway, now Old Philadelphia Pike, which connected Philadelphia with Pittsburgh, with the road that connected Wilmington DE with Erie PA. A second possibility is that the name comes from the road leading to a racetrack near town, in which the road was called "Entercourse". A third possibility is that it refers to the fellowship or social interaction, "intercourse", between the Amish and even the entire community at the time. Intercourse's main industry is tourism, related to the Amish community, and Intercourse is also the home to the American Edged Weaponry Museum.


Bird-In-Hand, a village (unincorporated) in nearby Upper Leacock Township in Lancaster County, with a small part also in East Lampeter Township. Bird-In-Hand was named after a swinging sign in front of the Bird-In-Hand Hotel.

Goodbye from Amish Country!

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