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Interior Design Jobs

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Finding an interior design job

It's a tough time to be job hunting, but hey there will always be opportunities for work. I always find design jobs in the yellow pages. I look at the listing of ID companies, cabinet makers and other similar companies and call them up and ask if they're hiring. If they are, I ask them how to apply. is also a good source for interior design-related jobs. You can also try googling for jobs. If you want to go local, try interior design then add your city and state.

When I have free time, I usually dress up and drop off resumes at interior design firms even if they have no advertised hiring. I think this is a good way to get your foot in the door, so to speak.

So there... if you have more tips, then feel free to share them here. Good luck!
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Oh, I forgot, you can also try calling up old friends from design school. If they are currently working, they might know of vacancies in their workplace or with other companies that you may not know about.
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