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Intourist Hotel

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Located in the heart of the city overlooking the waterfront boulevard, known as National Park, edging the Caspian Sea, this boutique Hotel offers 150 guest rooms and suite.
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Same place, same hotel, same design, new facade. Tomate, tomato.
New location, Bigger hotel, Same Street, New Facade, Same Design...:)
It is more of a 're-creation' rather than a renovation... What can I say... People are sentimental... :) And I understand that you like roller shutters - interesting...
By the way, there are no photo updates for the Intourist. Does anyone have any recent photos??? It should almost be complete by now...
it is not about liking,I supply them and most of the automation to almost every second big project in Azerbaijan )
Ha ha. Good to know.. Next time I am involved in a project in Baku and I need roller shutters I know who to ask... :)
Does anybody have the latest pictures of teh Intourist Hotel? It should be ready to open by now. It was supposed to be open at the same time as the Boulevard Hotel in White City.
possibly the ugliest project ever to be built beside the boulevard.
The original design and architecture is by Alexey Shchusev who also designed Linin's Tomb. The new building is simply in keeping with the original design. Dont shoot the messenger... ;)
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Hi, Does anybody know if this hotel is open? I heard it was supposed to be open at the end of March 2015...

Take a look at the 'old' Intourist compared to the 'new' Intourist...
Not bad if you ask me!!!
1 - 8 of 68 Posts
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