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First of all I'd like to apologize for the big size of the pictures... when I uploaded onto Imageshack (awhile ago) I still didn't know how to resize them.
Anyway, I wanted to introduce you guys to this small yet lively city in the north west of Spain called Oviedo.
(Pop: 202,938, source: Emporis)

Fray Ceferino st.

Uría st.

Marqués de Santa Cruz st.

Cimadevilla st.

Magdalena st.

Trascorrales sq.

El Fontán

Pza. Alfonso II (Cathedral square)

Campo de San Francisco (San Francisco green, from surrounding streets)

San Miguel square

El Rosal

Parque de Invierno (Winter Park):

Mind you, the pics were taken on a Sunday early afternoon, hehe :)

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crossbowman said:
Totally worth the time spent downloading these images!!
Amazing city... :master:
I've been in Spain a couple of times but I'd never heard of this city before...
Hope to visit next time :)
Nice pics AntonAmeneiro btw!
For some unfair reason, the north of Spain is often neglected by international tourists... possibly cos it's not your typical "sun & beach" destination. Oviedo is just one of the many cities up here that are definitely worth visiting.
It's also good that even though the labeled as "Green Spain" (northern Spain) is becoming more popular each year, it's by far not as crowded as the Mediterranean coast is, which makes it even nicer to visit.

Crossbowman, you're more than welcome to visit the north of Spain, I'm sure you'll love it :)
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