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Malaysian Firm Will Invest More Than US$500 MLN In Iran

Iran builds new towns with Malaysian help

Middle East Times - Sep 21

PARAND, Iran -- Iran and Malaysia Sunday launched a project to build tens of thousands of homes in new towns outside Tehran, the first such foreign investment in the Islamic republic to help it cope with booming population growth in cities.

Malaysian private company Amona announced at a ceremony that it will invest at least $500 million to build 20,000 houses in the two new towns of Parand and Hashtgerd, using about 160 hectares of space in each town.

"Iran's share in the whole project stands at 15 percent and the rest goes to the Malaysian partner," Iranian minister of housing and urban development Mohammad Saidi-Kia told reporters as the first foundations for the new homes were laid.

"Whereas Iran has only provided the real estate, Malaysia brings the total investment and engineering works," he added.

Construction of housing complexes in Parand is already well advanced, with several buildings apparently complete and awaiting their first tenants. However, this project is the first to involve a foreign company.

Iran, which is grappling with the social and economic effects of a booming youth population, has 22 new towns already built or under construction cross the country.

Parand, located 45 kilometers (28 miles) southwest of Tehran, will house 500,000 people as the largest of the new towns. Hashtgerd lies just outside the capital's northwestern outskirts.

The aim of constructing new towns with mass residential buildings is to attract average- and low-income families currently living on the outskirts of bigger cities or smaller towns and villages, the minister said.

"The most important problem in our housing sector is population growth and the imbalance of immigration [to bigger cities]," said Ali-Akbar Aghai, head of parliament's housing commission.

In 2020 Iran expects to have a population of 90 million - 85 percent of whom will be urban residents. The population of Tehran province has already risen to 12 million as people move from smaller towns to the big city.

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The planned city of Parand is situated 35 km from Robatkarim on the way to Saveh in the province of Tehran. The town is intended to provide residence for the staffs of Imam Khomeini International Airport. The city of Parand attracted some 588 residents in the first half of 1379 (2001). Full capacity of the city is estimated at 80,000.
outskirts of Parand:


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Client: Housing and Urban Development Organization of Kermanshah
Contract Period: 15 months
Type of Contract: EPC
Location: Dolatabad Neighborhood, Kermanshah City, Iran

Project Outline
Encompassing an area of 27.5 hectares, the Dolt É Mehr 4,000–unit residential township is one of the largest and fastest mass housing projects in Iran. The project’s scope of work involves construction of 4,000 housing units in five-story apartment blocks, using Kayson’s “Cast–in–situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System”, as well as building infrastructures such as water supply, electricity, gas, sewerage and surface water collection networks, landscaping (streets, intra–township access routes, open parking areas and green space). Kayson is also responsible for building auxiliary facilities as such schools, medical clinics, libraries, etc. The project utilizes 7 sets of wall forms and 42 sets of ceiling forms, enabling it to build the reinforced concrete structure of 28 housing units per day.

Scope of work
Design, procurement, and construction services for:
A 4,000–unit residential township, comprised of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments
Auxiliary buildings including schools, kindergarten, library, gymnasium, open sports fields, etc.
Infrastructure facilities and landscaping including gas, water supply, sewerage & surface water collection networks; telephone and electrical wiring, lighting, and landscaping comprising parking facilities, green space and intra–township routes.

Major Advantages
Longer useful life
Highly cost-effective

Resistant to earthquakes of highest magnitude & other hazards such as fire and windstorm
Extraordinary speed of construction and excellent architectural flexibility
Considerably lighter than structures built via conventional methods.

Speed of Construction
Completing the reinforced concrete structure of 28 housing units per day

Key Statistics
Gross floor area of residential buildings: 360,000 square meters
Gross floor area of auxiliary buildings: 90,000 square meters
Streets: 90,000 square meters
Open parking space: 30,000 square meters
Earthwork: 500,000 cubic meters
Reinforcing bars: 13,000 tonnes
Concrete: 150,000 cubic meters
Surface water collection network: 11,000 long meters
Landscaping: 50,000 square meters
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