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Nice comments, I fully agree with you all. All the Iranic people I know are very openminded and really nice. They also have a strong own identity. I hope it will come good with this country. But I am going off topic ;)

I agree that Malls are not Western, but what I mean is huge malls in Suburbania. This started in the Western world, but is now really much visible in Arabic world. I really don't like those kinds of urbanism. I have founded that in all neighbour countries of Iran same problems occur on a greater scale than Iran.

Shoppings malls like this is what I mean:

Egypt Mall, really horrible and built for the cars. Things like this will result in more and more congestion.

And about tree planting (also bit off topic, but important ;)), I discovered from a Belgium source that there is now 12 million of ha forests in stead of the 18 till 21 millions of ha forests before the Islamic revolution. I think that is a really bad development. :( It could be partly related to the demographic explosion after the revolution, but it is still a pitty and I think the government could handle this far more carefully.


And I read somewhere that they plant only 20.000 ha in a year in Iran and also very monotoneous. Turkey for example does 200.000 ha per year. Sources have been also sceptical to projects like the artificial lake, see here:

the image of the buildings is also a pitty :p
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