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Iraq’s Image is Set to Change

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When many people think of Iraq, they think only of wars, decades of high inflation, blistering sun, and power cuts, but the people clinging to this outdated and narrow image of the country will not be the winners in the new Iraq.

As regular readers of Iraq Business News will be aware, there’s an increasing momentum of activity that will change the shape of Iraq for good in the coming years.

We’ve told you before how a taste for Scotch whisky might be making a comeback, and multi award-winning Iraqi architects are bringing their skills home. This week an Italian company has announced it is bringing its country’s style to Iraq with a new shopping mall.

With a budget surplus expected as soon as 2012, there will be enough public money to attract development of all sorts. Who knows, in the future, when people think of Iraq, they’ll be thinking of Gucci, Talisker, and fine modern buildings.
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its the best time to invest in iraq...
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