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Is Chicago's South Side Chinatown able to expand?

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I was wondering if the Chinatown on the near Southside is able to expand? I know it is kind of hemmed in by the Stevenson Expressway and railroad tracks. But when I was there a few years ago, I saw the housing projects across the street being renovated into mixed use housing. Is Cermak Rd. an avenue Chinatown can expand on. How about areas to the north?
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Chinatown has expanded, just not in a visible, touristy sense. Chinese residents have expanded past the traditional borders of Chinatown into the edge of Bridgeport.
Yea, the growth has been pretty dramatic since I was first moved here in 1997. The China town on the north side seems to be getting bigger too.
I hate that Chinatown Square shopping Center. I wish all that shit was out on the street instead.
Here, this is coming from someone who lives in the chinatown/Bridgeport Area.

Chinatown is bounded between Canal Street/ Railroads to the West, Chicago River to the North, Red line/ the 22nd/Cermak Exit ramp of I-55,I-90, and I-94 to the east and I-55 to the South. These are like my borders of Chinatown, even though many Chicago chinese live West of Canal and South of I-55 here.

There are many new probably medium densityhousing along the South Branch of the Chicago River, replacing old railroad, industry land. Across the River, there are still industry there, which is an "eyesore" to Chinatown. Once all of Chinatown is like Built up, Chinatown will either jump the Chicago River and replace those Indutries or build higher density building.

Across Canal Street/Railroad just a block away from my SW border of Chinatown, there is a skyscraper already, call Appleville, a 12 story building, probably about or over 15 years, old because I am 15 now... and everysince, I still remember that building. Chinese loves those "mini-skyscrapers apartments" because it reminds them of Hong Kong. Maybe, more of those will be built in the not so distant future when Chinatown is built up.

However, the Commerical Area of Chinatown is still only on Wentworth St, Cermak, Archer, Chinatown SQ, and now the Western Side of Canal.

Here is a map to help understand


North Chinatown is now expanding along Bordway (1200W) between Lawerance (4800N) and Foster (5200N) step by step, because the main street, Argly(5000 N) is build up and east of Sheridan( 1000W) on Argly, is the medium-huge density and the LakeFront... and I see rarely west of Bordway, many Asians don't go there along Argly.
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I appreciate the information guys. :)
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