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These two major australian cities are always battling it out, on who is better, who is bigger, who has the best buildings, well whats your opinion.


Melbourne is better than Sydney

That about sums it up.

- Better and cheaper food
- Nicer people. Sydney people can be rude!
- Has an arts and entertainment culture (Sydney doesn't!!!)
- We host the International Melbourne Comedy Festival, Grand Prix, Moomba and various other festivals
- Our CBD is easier to navigate
- We have trams and not lightrail
- We have Australia's SECOND best university - the University of Melbourne, ranked 22 in the world! (NOW BEFORE ANYONE DISPUTES THIS, PLEASE REFER Link below.
- People come down to Melbourne to shop
- We hosted the World Swimming Championships
- AFL comes from Melbourne - much better than that NRL crap
- Our Lord Mayor is John So. Everyone knows that he rocks!
- Sydney is the most polluted capital city in Australia! (Source: "What's good for you")
- Own experience with people with anger management problems coming from Sydney
- Melbourne has better drivers - Sydney drivers have anger management issues (generally, Sydney people are just angry, see above - people who SLAM audit files in rooms and books on desks in an office environment, isn't that right?)
- Traffic is better in Melbourne
- Melbourne has more markets for getting fresh fruit, produce and other cool stuff. There's Queen Victoria, Preston, Prahran, South Melbourne and many more!
- Melbourne is grid layout, north east south west. Sydney is a nauseating rollercoaster.
- Fashionable, friendly. funky, fun, vibe, bars, parks, basically how ugly is George St? How beautiful is Collins St?Adds to our AWESOME nightlife
- We don't have ugly beach riots like Cronulla!
- We also have the national champion football (Melbourne Victory) club... and the countries greatest high school, aptly named, Melbourne High School (also not forgetting MacRob for the girls)
- Better architecture rather than relying on the Harbour and Opera House for everything!
- We have the biggest shopping complex in the southern hemisphere - Chaddy!
- Crown Casino kicks Star City's ass!
- Cheaper booze
- We have the Eureka Tower - tallest residential building in the world!
- Oscar winner Cate Blanchett comes from Melbourne! (and MLC)
- Public transport is so much damn cheaper!
- We have the Aus Open and Kooyong Classic, which kicks Adidas international tournament's ass :p
- Worst coffee ever in Sydney
- Melbourne doesn't have a stupid monorail!
- More expensive accommodation in Sydney and property in general
- Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival time, not to mention the Melbourne Cup!
- MCG is a much better stadium than SCG
- Well endowed men - note I am ONLY putting up your suggestions so feel free to argue this one with me
- Really great bars
- Monopoly Board which features Melbourne
- Melbourne also has the tallest office building in australia - depending on who you believe - either 120 Collins, Rialto or 101 Collins - they are all taller than any buildings in Sydney
- 7 out of the top 10 Aussie companies have their HQ in Melbourne....BHP, Telstra, ANZ Coles Myer, NAB, FOSTERS
- Melbourne had the first ever cricket test match
- Bigger agricultural show
- The Melbourne Cup and really awesome Spring Carnival
- Bigger Fashion Festivals (Melbourne International)
- Melbourne hosted the first sitting of parliament, before Canberra was established
- Melbourne also has the best fire-twirlers in Aust
melbourne is the sporting capital, all the best sporting people from around the world come to our city
- We were the capital city of Australia before Canberra... They've never been and never will be!
- We hosted the Olympic Games first... They can never take that away from us hahaha
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So, to summarise NICKKKKKKKKKK, Sydney is a shithole where rude men with tiny penises and no appreciation of the arts, stand around making crappy coffee and having riots on the beach because of their anger management problems.

Er, right. :bash:

Seriously though, both cities have their positive and negative features, and everyone will have an opinion as to which they prefer. But this ridiculous thread is just asking for trouble.
Poor L2...

Does this mean you were born in 1995? Making you around the age of 13/14?
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