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10th February 2008
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We've just had a new condensing boiler fitted. It has no condensation pipe to release condensation(?). We've had no certificate

The landlord keeps saying shell send someone around to certify it! So obviously the guy who fitted isn't certified by CORGI!

Is my boiler dangerous in the mean time?
Yes it probably is.

I contacted Worcester today about an issue with my boiler.(which I eventually fixed) When you ring their number there is a long message asking customers not to request an engineer for frozen condensation pipes. Basically the customer has to clear the frozen water/blockage themselves. In essence, every condensing boiler 'must' have a condensation pipe, so the water goes somewhere. That somewhere being outside the house.(drain, path, etc)

If I was you I would ring a boiler manufacturer, plumbing shop or plumber and ask either of them before using your boiler.

Don't be shy Manc Guy. As if.:lol:
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