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Is the world turning from the death penalty?

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Capital punishment
A mixed picture

Apr 30th 2007

China executes more people than all other countries combined: unofficially, as many as 8,000, according to Amnesty International, a human-rights group. While the annual estimated number of executions fluctuates (1,591 in 2006—some 40% higher than in 2003), Amnesty notes that there is a global shift away from the death penalty. The total number of countries carrying out executions has fallen from 40 to 25 in a decade, and 129 countries are abolitionist in practice. America is one of only five democracies still to use the death penalty.

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Executions are good if they are sure that the one that is goin to die is the real hardcore criminal.
I really find it funny that for all the speeches about how the United States is the leader of the free world and champion of human right, its surrounded by authoritative states who are often criticized by the US
My beef with the death penalty is the chance of an innocent being killed.
It's not even like all of America uses the death penalty, so it's kind of unfair I guess you could say, for the American states who have turned away from it to be classified under one umbrella. If I'm not mistaken all of China's provinces utilize the death penalty, as mandated by the Chinese government. Don't quote me on that one though. I know Hong Kong and Macau don't use it; in fact, Hong Kong and Macau don't even employ capital punishment in its lowest degrees.
criminals(especially murderers and rapist) dont deserve human rights.
I don't think it's coincidence that 7 out of the 10 top 'executing' nations happen to be Muslim.

Decapitation is their preferred method, but they also like to kill female adultresses by dropping large stones on their heads.

One doesn't have to be a 'professional' executioner in some Islamic countries, especially where there is Sharia law, a male family member can murder a sister/daughter/wife for something as trivial as having sex out of wedlock or even having the misfortune of being raped and not having enough 'male witnesses'. These are called Honour Killings.

If this comes across as racist, then so be it. I have no way of presenting it in any other way.

Unless some intelligent Muslim can 'enlighten' me then my perceptions shall always be based on what I have read, seen and heard.
^^ Keep your perceptions and take them elsewhere, this topic is not about Islam. :sly:

The US is slowly going away from executions. New York State has abolished them, and California and Florida have put moratoriums on theirs. My state, Connecticut, had executed someone in 2005 but with the struggle to actually do it made sure another execution won't happen in a long time.

Of course, there are states like Texas and Virginia that still execute a lot, but they are in the minority. With all these scandals about executing innocents, public approval will decline to eventual abolition. But, it will depend on the state.
I think we forget that a lot of countries have state-sponsored executions - just not officially. In 2006, around Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian police killed over 1,000 "suspects." It is well-known that some of these are merely extra-judicial executions. There is a famous video from Rio of a handcuffed suspect being dragged behind a police vehicle and executed. So, Brazil has the death penalty in practice, despite not having one under law. This is also true in several other countries.
If you want to make the generalized claim that Islam promotes innocent killings, then I sure that you would be comfortable with the notion that Sectarian Christianity and Protestantism promote the same values.

Do not generalize about an entire religion based on your discriminatory ideals. Sharia Law provides the way in which a good Muslim should live. Just as Christianity was used to justify slavery, racism, and war, Islam is being used by a small extreme minority for something Muhammad and all the prophets would renounce.

And who is the one that has the righteousness to decide whether one has human rights or one does not. If someone takes away another persons rights and then you in turn take away theirs, is that justice or retribution?
then I sure that you would be comfortable with the notion that Sectarian Christianity and Protestantism promote the same values.

Just as Christianity was used to justify slavery, racism, and war
then its not christianity:eek:hno:
More to the point, this is not 'Citytalk & Urban issues'
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