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The largest private sector-initiated development in South East Asia, Bandar Nusajaya, when completed, will be Asia's foremost fully integrated city with a world-class environment for business, living and leisure.

Bandar Nusajaya holds tremendous promise to become a natural hub through which Malaysian and multinational businesses can effortlessly and efficiently connect with all four corners of the globe. Strategically positioned in Johor, Malaysia's second largest domestic market, Bandar Nusajaya offers full connectivity to the world, via comprehensive air, road, rail and sea networks as well as digitally, via its fibre optic telecommunications infrastructure.

With a land area spanning 24,000 acres, it has been meticulously designed to preserve the lush greenery and natural habitat within the area. Its strategic location, sophisticated infrastructure and attractive investment incentives are bound to propel it to become a model city for the 21st century.

Combining residential, commercial and industrial elements, Bandar Nusajaya exemplifies the commitment to planning, quality and detail that is necessary to develop a truly outstanding township.

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The Bandar Nusajaya Masterplan calls for the development of a new city with a projected population of 600,000 by 2020. This development has been acknowledged by the Johor State Government as an opportunity to plan a city for the 21st century, based on sound social and environmental principles. As a place to live and work, Bandar Nusajaya's role is to be the model for Malaysian cities to come.

Residential Zone

Ideally situated, all residential enjoy easy access to major roads and expressways. These areas will place emphasis on the natural environment; some developments would be themed for example golf courses, equestrian and other integrated leisure facilities.

Residential districts are envisaged to be on the neighbourhood concept with shared common facilities such as

- integrated schools (primary and secondary)
- local retail outlets
- mosques, suraus and other religious facilities(as per the standard set by the relevant authorities)
- public open spaces

Taman Nusa Perintis 1 is an above to mid-range housing estate made up of 498 units of double-storey terrace homes, double-storey bungalows and three and four-storey shop offices. Click here for more information.

Taman Nusa Perintis 2 is a mid-range residential development of double-storey terrace homes and two-storey shop offices.

Taman Nusa Perintis 3 is another mid-range residential development consisting of 187 single and double-storey homes and double-storey shop offices.

Bukit Indah comprises 1,000 acres of mixed residential development consisting of single and double-storey terrace homes and three storey shop offices. More than 1,000 units are already completed and occupied since 1999.

Ledang Heights Bungalow Park consists of 571 lots situated off the expressway to Singapore and within six kilometres from the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine centre.

Industrial Zone

The future growth of the industrial sector in Bandar Nusajaya is planned to be inclined towards the service industry that support other major activities as well as IT related employment.

International e-Commerce Park

The integrated E-Commerce Park is envisaged to an are for mixed-development, comprising not just a technological park, but also a commercial center with banking facilities, a small entertainment park, prime mixed residential areas and serviced by a light rail transit system. the E-Commerce Park is expected to potentially create a multitude of employment and will be a source of attraction for people to live within the township.

Central Planning Area (CPA)

The Central Planning Area (CPA) will be a mixed-use zone at the heart of Bandar Nusajaya. The main focus of the CPA will be a blend of business, government, residential uses and waterfront facilities on the Straits of Johor. A City Linear Park will link the Business Park area with the commercial, retail and leisure along the waterfront.

The Proposed New Johor State Administrative is expected to form part of the CPA and will be be located at the waterfront.

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From Bandar Nusajaya
Location Distance
Johor Bahru City Centre 25 km 25 mins
Pasir Gudang Port 45 km 45 mins
Sultan Ismail Airport (Senai) 25 km 25 mins
Tanjung Pelepas Port 15 km 15 mins
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 320 km 3 hrs
KLIA International Airport 300 km 3 hrs
Malaysia - Singapore CIQ Complex 15 km 15 mins
Singapore City Centre 40 km 45 mins
Changi International Airport 50 km 55 mins
Keppel Port 45 km 50 mins
Jurong Port 20 km 20 mins

- Within the next decade, Johor's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow at an average annual rate of about 9% , surpassing the national level of 7.4%.

- With vast infrastructure projects coming on stream such as the Port of Tanjung Pelepas which will be Malaysia's largest seaport, the Pontian-Desaru Expressway, the Waterfront City and the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing Bridge, Johor is poised to play a vital role in fostering trade alliances and capitalising on the enormous business and financial opportunities in the region.

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Nusajaya is located at the south-western tip of Johor by the Gelang Patah area, and is linked to Tuas in Singapore by the 2 km long Second Crossing bridge. As the Southern Gateway into Peninsular Malaysia, it enjoys a geo-strategic position with ease of access to major entreports and financial hubs in Johor and Singapore. It is minutes away from the International Port of Tanjung Pelepas in Johor and 15 minutes from Jurong Port in Singapore. The Senai International Airport in Johor is 15 minutes away and Changi International Airport in Singapore is 45 minutes away. It is directly linked to all major highways and cities in Malaysia and Singapore. Downtown Johor Bahru is only 15 minutes away and Kuala Lumpur three hours away. The location of Nusajaya is within 6 hours' flight radius of 42 per cent (2.5 billion) of the world's population which accounts for 40 per cent of the world's economic output

- Bandar Nusajaya is a new township development designed for a resident population in excess of a million.
- Bandar Nusajaya is being built in conjunction with the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing Bridge and Expressway, completed in October 1997.

- Bandar Nusajaya will have direct connections to major ports and airports, quality infrastructure and lower competitive cost.
- Bandar Nusajaya will generate significant investment and employment opportunities for national and multinational companies.
- Bandar Nusajaya is located at the centre of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle.
- Bandar Nusajaya will further reposition commercial, residential and industrial developments along Johor's South-West Coast.

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From the Generic to the Particular

The site of Bandar Bahru Nusajaya in Malaysia is a sparsely inhabited terrain of palm plantations, strategically located across the Straits of Johor from Singapore. Six different settlement plans have already been designed for the site. The goal of this studio was to evaluate these proposal and build on their strengths. An alternative master plan and central area design were prepared, with designs for future development.

The Objectives

To integrate the new urban development with existing and proposed surrounding neighbourhoods.
To create a strong urban image which would be a reference for future development.
To maximise opportunities presented by the main features of the site, such as its waterfront, crossing bridge and highway network.
To respond sensitively to constraints presented by the topography and ecologically fragile wetlands and mangrove swamps.
To achieve reliable and functional transit network within a pleasant pedestrian environment.
To provide for phased development in accordance with market trends and viability.
To encourage a mix of ethnic backgrounds and uses.
To develop a design typology sensitive to local culture and context.
The Proposal
The proposal formed the core of the Master Plan for Bandar Baru Nusajaya. It is a synthesis of three exaggerated proposals, a reflection of the three scenario's strengths and weaknesses. The design is characterised by a desire to create a lively Central Planning Area with a strong image that recognises the utility of the automobile but also the necessity to provide an alternative to its use.

Proposal Goals
create a strong image of the Central Planning Area.
optimise the waterfront's potential for development.
provide an efficient public transportation system within all the area.
respond to the local tropical climate
create a diverse world meeting the needs of a variety of user groups.
Design Concepts/Principles
The significant character of Central Planning Area is created by two grand boulevards. The east-west boulevard stretches from a civic complex at the foot of the highest point in the CPA down to the waterfront. The north-south boulevard connects the CPA to the adjacent subcentres. It defines open space with major consideration to ecological and climatic reason.

The other significant aspect is the public transportation network - a loop of light rail transit serving the CPA. Bus networks will connect the transit stops to adjoining neighbourhoods that consist of mixed-use but predominantly residential clusters. Each cluster has a core area of retail uses and it will contain facilities like a transit stop, community centre and school. The objective is to create a liveable and safe environment.

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UEM Land to build hospital in Nusajaya
By Kevin Tan, 04 Jul 2006 8:23 PM

UEM World Bhd via its unit UEM Land Sdn Bhd will construct a two-storey hospital in Nusajaya Medical Park which would be leased to CPH Seremban Acute Care Sdn Bhd for 30 years.

In a statement on July 3, UEM Land said its wholly owned subsidiary Nusajaya Medical Park had signed a 30-year build lease agreement with CPH Seremban Acute Care.

The company said the proposed hospital would cater to the growing medical needs of the current 60,000 population in Nusajaya and its immediate surounding areas.

Upon completion in 2009, the hospital would be equipped with nursing and physiotherapy units, patient and outpatient services, staff and procedure areas and ample carpark lots.

UEM Land said the hospital was part of the first phase of the Nusajaya Medical Park which would include a neighbourhood commercial centre, general practitioner, dental and eye outpatient clinics, government clinics and a health screening centre.

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UEM Group is very excited about the Bandar Nusajaya project owned by UEM Land Sdn Bhd, covering 23,875 acres in southwest Johor. Its Development Master Plan includes State and Federal Government institutional developments, industrial parks, medical and service industries and an education hub.


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Nusajaya Medical Park to sign lease agreement
Updated : 12-07-2006
Media : The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Nusajaya Medical Park, a wholly owned subsidiary of UEM Land Sdn Bhd, expects to sign a build lease agreement with Columbia Asia group to build a private hospital at Nusajaya, Johor.

The 67.2-acre Medical Park is UEM Land's first step towards positioning Nusajaya as a medical hub and meeting the healthcare needs of the surrounding population, a company statement said yesterday.

It said the development of the park was also intended capitalise on the growing trend in health tourism regionally.

Columbia Asia, based in Subang Jaya, is a regional healthcare provider with operating facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

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UEM World debt-cut plan draws positive response
By Anna Maria Samsudin
October 6 2006

Analysts say UEM World's plan is a long-overdue one which could help improve its financial health

UEM World Bhd's plan to cut RM1.93 billion debt received positive response from analysts but many say its impact on its share price will be minimal.

Analysts said UEM World's plan was a long-overdue one which could help improve its financial health.

OSK Research analyst Wan Azhar Wan Mustapha view the exercise as a good move to clean up UEM World's books in preparation for its involvement in the massive development of South Johor.

He, however, said the current pricing of UEM World shares has already taken into account the impact of the debt-cutting exercise.

"The market, for quite sometime, has been aware of UEM World plans to reduce its debts. Basically, the recently announced plan is seen as a long-overdue exercise," he added.

Meanwhile, research house UOB Kay Hian said the exercise is positive for UEM World in the longer term.

On financial side, it said the sale of 1,823ha of land to Khazanah will result in a net gain on disposal of RM346.5 million.

In addition, RM32.3 million interest expenses on the bonds from June 2006 until completion of exercise will be waived.

In total, it said in its research notes that the exercise is expected to boost earnings by RM378.8 million for the financial year ending 2007.

Post-exercise, NTA is estimated to increase to RM1.29 from RM0.83 as at end-2005, while net gearing will drop to 1.1 times from the current 3.1 times.

On the operations side, the research house said the land sale to Khazanah will help accelerate development, with positive spill-over effects on prices of surrounding land in Nusajaya.

In addition, the exercise significantly reduces UEM's net gearing levels, putting it in a stronger position to raise cash for development of the balance 4,186ha of land in Nusajaya.

Based on its evaluation, UOB Kay Hian had placed a "buy" call on UEM World's shares with a target price of RM2.25.

UEM Land Sdn Bhd, a wholly- owned subsidiary of UEM World, had recently announced plans to raise RM1.94 billion from sale of land in Bandar Nusajaya to Khazanah and the disposal of its 28.5 per cent stake to United Engineers (M) Bhd (UEM).

Total proceed raised from both transactions, of which RM1.43 billion will come from land sale and RM505.3 million from share disposal, will be used to redeem Renong Debt Management Sdn Bhd's RM1.93 billion global bonds

Meanwhile on Bursa Malaysia yesterday, UEM World closed unchanged at RM1.48 with 2.2 million shares traded.

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UEM World unit to raise RM1.94b via de-gearing exercise
Thursday October 5, 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: UEM World Bhd's wholly-owned unit, UEM Land Sdn Bhd, will carry out a de-gearing exercise to raise RM1.94bil.

The proceeds will be used to redeem Renong Debt Management Sdn Bhd’s global bonds, UEM World said in a statement.

Under the proposals, UEM Land Group would sell 4,500 acres in Bandar Nusajaya to Khazanah Nasional Bhd through special purpose vehicles and United Engineers (Malaysia) Bhd (UEM) would subscribe for a 28.5% stake in UEM Land, it said.

As for the sale of land, Bandar Nusajaya Development Sdn Bhd, an 82%-owned unit of UEM Land, will first transfer the 4,500 acres of land to its wholly-owned unit, Nusajaya Property Management Sdn Bhd, for RM1.43bil. It said Nusajaya Property would fund the purchase using external borrowings.

Bandar Nusajaya would then use the proceeds to retire RM1.43bil global bonds, it added.

Following the land transfer, Khazanah will subscribe for about RM200mil worth of new ordinary shares and redeemable preference shares in Nusajaya Property, as a result of which Khazanah will own 99.9% of the company.

Meanwhile, UEM will pay RM505.3mil for approximately 623.9 million new ordinary shares in UEM Land, with the proceeds redeeming the balance of the global bonds of RM505.3mil.

“The proposed de-gearing will provide UEM World with the opportunity to redeem the global bonds with minimal cash outflow from UEM World Group,” it said in the statement.

The UEM Land Group’s gearing was expected to be reduced to 0.48 from 17.38 times following the de-gearing exercise, while UEM World Group’s gearing was expected to be reduced to 1.47 from 3.74 times, it said.

UEM World said it “expects the reduced debt level, along with the disposal of assets with long gestation periods, to allow (the group) to enhance its asset capital and resource management efficiency.” – AFX-Asia

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Phase 1 of JSNAC ready by end-2007


GELANG PATAH: Phase one of the Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC), comprising the Johor State Assembly building, Mentri Besar and State Secretary complex, Mahkota Square and state government department complexes, is expected to be competed by end-2007.

Developer of the project Cahaya Jauhar Sdn Bhd said some RM400mil had been allocated for the development of phase one.

Chief executive officer Mohd Auzir Mohd Tahir said phase two would consist of the mosque and state government staff quarters while phase three comprised the Federal Government department complexes.

“The total development cost of the new administrative centre is RM1.5bil and it will keep us busy for 10 years,” he told newsmen during a media site visit to the JSNAC as part of a familiarisation trip on the South Johor Economic Region (SJER) development project.

Auzir said the JSNAC was envisioned to portray an image befitting the status of a modern and progressive administration.

He said the development featured a combination of the Moorish-Andalusia architecture and the Johor-Malay architectural elements with strong Bugis influences.

Auzir said JSNAC was part of the development of Bandar Nusajaya in the 24,000-acre township – the largest private sector-initiated development in Asean.

“Strategically located on the new economic growth corridor, Nusajaya is set to be a world-class city,” he added.

The SJER, spanning 3,200 sq km, covers Senai-Kulai in the north, Pasir Gudang in the east and Tanjung Pelepas-Gelang Patah-Pontian in the west.

It has been earmarked as the focus area for development in the southern region under the Ninth Malaysia Plan with Khazanah Nasional Bhd given the mandate to act as a planner and co-ordinator.

The Government is allocating RM12.2bil for the SJER and another RM15bil should come from the private-initiated projects, including foreign investors. Cahaya Jauhar is a joint-venture company between the Johor state government and UEM Land Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UEM World Bhd.

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Nusajaya to house education hub
Saturday November 4, 2006

JOHOR BARU: Two international universities and an international medical firm will soon set up branches in Nusajaya by the end of 2009.

Bandar Nusajaya Development Sdn Bhd managing director Mohamad Sa’elal said US-based Carnegie-Mellon University and Britain’s University of Newcastle Upon Tyne had agreed to set up their faculties in Nusajaya.

He said Nusajaya also signed a deal with US-based Columbia Asia Hospital in August.

“In January, we signed a memorandum of intent with University of Newcastle Upon Tyne to set up a medical faculty here.

“In March, we signed an agreement with iCarnegie, which manages the Carnegie-Mellon University. We are now finalising the university’s design and development concept,” he said on Thursday.

The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne is reputed to have one of the top three medical faculties in Britain, while Carnegie-Mellon is a top 20 university in the United States.

“Carnegie-Mellon also has a branch in the Middle East, and we have agreed that the branch here will be exclusive to the South-East Asia region,” Mohamad said.

The two universities will be part of the 250ha education enclave called EduCity, a project valued at RM2bil.

Meanwhile, the Columbia Asia Hospital will be part of the 150ha medical hub in Nusajaya.

The hospital also has branches in Shah Alam, Miri and Seremban

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Islamic park part of JSNAC complex
Saturday November 4, 2006

An artist impression of the 0.6ha Islamic Park which will be part of the
landscape of the new Johor State New Adminstrative Centre.

JOHOR BARU: An Islamic park, which is supposed to soothe the five senses will be part of the landscaping planned for the Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC) complex in Nusajaya.

Cahaya Jauhar Sdn Bhd (CJSB) is the developer of the project.

Its chief executive officer Mohd Auzir Mohd Tahir said besides a flower garden, the 0.6ha park would have a man-made waterfall and a café.

“We have allocated more than RM10mil for landscaping works around the 130ha JSNAC site,” he said, adding that the park would be located in front of the new Mentri Besar’s complex.

Mohd Auzir said to date, some 1,000 trees have been planted in the area.

“We have our own nursery near the site where we will transfer the plants in stages to the fringes,” he said during a media tour of the site, about 35km from Johor Baru.

CJSB is a joint venture company between the Johor state government and UEM Land Sdn Bhd for the purpose of developing the JSNAC.

Mohd Auzir said the first phase of the project including the new state legislative assembly complex, offices of the Mentri Besar and State Secretary complex, Mahkota Square and state government department complexes was expected to be completed by the end of next year.

“So far 30% of the Phase One of the project has been completed and we are confident of completing the project on schedule,” he said.

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UEM Land to raise RM2b for Johor project
November 4 2006

UEM is mulling plans to develop the 6,851 hectares of land it owns in Bandar Nusajaya, a township in southwest Johor, including a theme park with Walt Disney

UEM Land, the property development arm of Malaysian construction firm UEM World, plans to raise about RM2 billion to help fund development in Johor state, it said yesterday.

The Government wants to develop the southern state, hoping to benefit from neighbouring Singapore's bold plans to develop two huge casino resorts that the city state hopes will attract visitors from Asia's burgeoning economies.

State-controlled UEM is mulling plans to develop the roughly 6,851 hectares of land it owns in Bandar Nusajaya, a township in southwest Johor, including a theme park with Walt Disney Co, the firm has said.

"In the next five years, I would say about RM2 billion," UEM Land chief operating officer Mohamad Abdullah told reporters when asked how the company would fund its ambitious Nusajaya development.

"The first quarter of next year, we are planning to raise part of it," he added.

The funds will be raised "predominantly from bonds", Mohamad said, adding that the firm may also sell some equity instruments.

Johor is a key focus of Malaysia's five-year development plan until 2010, including beautifying the waterfront facing Singapore, aiming to clean up its image among Singaporeans as a cheap shopping destination dogged by crime.

Singapore is itself aiming to re-invent its staid image, and hopes to double visitor arrivals to 17 million and triple tourism receipts to S$30 billion (RM70 billion) by 2015, helped by the casinos and other attractions.

UEM Land added that it is planning a real estate trust, contributing assets worth RM1.5 billion, and aiming to list it six months after the portfolio is finalised.

"We are working towards the initial portfolio and are hoping to get it done in the next six to nine months," Mohamad said.

UEM Land's development plans in Nusajaya involve around RM10.3 billion worth of projects.

UEM World shares ended down 1.2 per cent at RM1.66 yesterday. - Reuters

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World Icon

Submit bids, Johor tells top architects
04 Nov 2006

JOHOR BARU: Leading international architects will be invited to submit designs for a building that will become the icon for the Iskandar Development Region.

It is learnt some of the top names in the world of architecture have already been approached to submit their bids for the design competition.

They include Renzo Piano of Italy, Japan’s Toyo Ito, Swiss Mario Botta, Raol Mehrotra of India and Jean Nouvel of France.

Piano, designer of the London Bridge Tower, has a long interest in elegantly expressed structure.

This can be clearly seen in his early works, like the Pompidou Centre in Paris as well as the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan.

Piano was responsible for the masterplan for the reconstruction of the Potzdammer Platz, the ultra-modern Sony-Centre in Berlin, as well as designing a portion of the new construction on site.

Piano won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1998 and is a Unesco Goodwill Ambassador.

Well-known Japanese architect Ito is one of the world’s most innovative and influential architects, known for creating extreme concept buildings, where he seeks to fuse the physical and virtual worlds.

One of his creations is the unique multi-purpose public cultural centre, Sendai Mediatheque in Japan, built in 2001.

Nouvel puts a lot of weight on designing a building that will be harmonious with its site and surroundings.

Nouvel’s designs present a merging of transparency, shadow, and light.

He was awarded the Grand Prix d’Architecture for his entire body of work in 1987.

It is also learnt local architects Hijjas Kasturi and T.R. Hamzah have also been asked to submit their designs.

The Iskandar landmark, flank- ed by a park, will be built on an exclusive 40ha site in Nusajaya where the new Johor state administrative centre is being built.

"The plan is to make this a new symbol for the world," said a Johor state government source.

The iconic building and adjoining park will also serve as a centre to promote the arts, particularly Johor culture and tradition.
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