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Artas Ayazaga Housings
Istanbul, Turkey

FLOORS: 40 fl

The project locates in one of the most rapid and intensive developmentareas of Istanbul, Ayazaga, the coast of the Belgrade Forest and justbehind Ataturk Oto Sanayi.

The plan is composed of a 40-storey tower, 3 independent blocks with 18,14, 12-storey and also a single and tall block with terrace gardens. Thetotal number of planned flats is 900 and this number can change throughopening or rising the walls which divide the flats. Social facilities havebeen settled under the tall block and the middle area between blockswhich this middle area has been planned as a recreation field because ofthe connection point of green and water.

The natural slope of the land and surrounding green areas were ourstarting point in the beginning of the planning process. Furthermore, thepresent environmental factors and the predictions of urban developmentfor the future have assisted our design.

The layout and form of the tower have the view of sea and surroundingforest land at the highest possible degree. The tower has a differentgeometry that it starts with an ellipse form on the ground, when risingto the upper floors it is divided into 2 masses which one shrinks and theother one continues in the same form. The other important characteristicof the tower is that each floor has open space terraces. It has been offeredwith these terraces to people who live in the tower is that a chance to havea terrace garden in the city and a protection from the effect of winds andensuring safety thanks to the limit of the terrace which has been placedbeyond the living spaces. There are 8 flats on each floor of the towerwhich has a strong substructure and the social facilities which serve thepeople living in the tower, have been placed on the ground and upperfloors.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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