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Hype 2
Istanbul, Turkey

HEIGHT: 174 m
FLOORS: 40 fl
ARCHITECT: GAD Architecture

Hype 2 is a high-rise residential project located in Bakırköy, Istanbul. The project site, near the Marmara Sea, is located near a formerly industrial area that was once home to Istanbul’s leather tanneries. This area has undergone a significant transformation to become a one of the more desirable residential exurbs of the city.

While the site is not directly adjacent to the sea, view corridors from the proposed tower are unobstructed by development, which afford 360o vistas of Istanbul and the Marmara Sea coast. The potential for these view corridors drove the concept for Hype 2.

The site area is 2.500 ㎡, and total constructed area is approximately 29.140 ㎡. The building program includes residences, offices, retail space, restaurants and social spaces. These functions are organized into a single building reaching 174 m.

The building form was shaped by hexagonal floorplates, which vary in shape from level to level and result in residences with sweeping private balconies and greenspaces. By varying the floorplates, the building appears to morph as it is seen from differing viewpoints, and conversely this surface treatment allows each floor to have its own unique floorplan and view of the city.

Building fenestration is created by an open concrete exterior façade which reveals a glass inner façade. This treatment both creates a playful geometry of variegated surfaces that lends the project a singular visual identity, as well as provides a cooling effect in the summer and a heat trapping effect in the winter.

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