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Istanbul: Levent -VS- Maslak

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Levent (La Defense 1) :D

Maslak (La Defense 2) :D

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I still prefer Levent (La Defense 1) over Maslak (La Defense 2)

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neither :) Maslak looks denser, but Levant taller am I right?
^^yes if maslak was taller it will be beatiful because designs of buildings and quality better in maslak, i think.
by the way levent has işbank buildink this is another plus for levent

And wait for my new megathread about Athens (Business as usual!!!).

I prefer levent too, it has an individual character that makes it distinct. Maslak is a bit more massive, although there are towers (like Polaris) which I like very much.

But all that of course will change with the topping out of the Diamond of Istanbul. This will reverse the tables.

BTW, those street level pictures are very good, people need to see more of those.

...and give my regards to Kerem (is he back from Izmir? I haven't seen him here) and your family :)
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yes, gm2263 is right. with the diamond of Istanbul Maslak will defeat Levent.
when the steel frame will be finished next year DOI and maslak will be the biggest in Turkey! :cheers:
delfin_pl said:
neither :) Maslak looks denser, but Levant taller am I right?
It's Levent...
I actually like em both. :D

Gregory mou, Keremaki Tountzaidis is already back in the Basileousa for ages. :)

He's currently working in a major architecture firm. He'll get married with his fiance Selin in July ( I'm also invited of course :cheers: )
I can imagine the loonie (Kerem) will do the marriage photos with the Levent skyscrapers in the back (I would). Maybe at the top floor or the lobby of the Intercontinental with IsBank and Metrocity as the immediate backdrop.

Give him my best regards anyway and wisheds for a happy marriage.

BTW Tounzaidis sounds like a Greek from the Black sea (Odessa). My Grandmother's maiden name (mother's side) was Kyriakidis (Kyriakidou) and her family probably descended from there to Istanblue until they ended in Ayvalik, but anyways what I'm I telling you know... Our family tree needs 007's skills to be traced... :lol:

Anyway, for the present I like Levent because it looks elegant although Maslak is more massive. I personally like low density so that each tower reveals its visual potential. However, with the DOI things are going to change.

I just can't wait to see this one going up and the rest of the Europeans "eating their clothes" as we say in Greece. :lol:
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Gregory mou, will you be back in Istanbul/Ayvalik this summer? :)
Monkeypoo said he'll be here to buy a house (one house in Istanbul and one more in SW Turkey)

Kerem's Italian friends from Florence will do the same (they'll stay in a house at the historic Cihangir district which is famous for its narow streets full of pubs)

It will be a very "international" summer. :D
@ Asim:

You nutchos are going to have the time of your lives while I will be working!!!! Actually, we need to complete a project with Alex whose close-to-final stage is due for completion somewhere at the beginning of August.

Damn, I feel so bad that I can't come. Give the langur (Monkey) my warmest greetings. The major problem is that we may lose contact for one month or somewthing because of this project. I mean I may be able to sneak in but no monstrous threads and the like... :D

Anyway, hope next year to meet you all, when the DOI will have topped out :banana:
Both are dense but Malask from air looks like simcity and Levent have to many tween towers?
Levent skyline & Bosphorus Bridge

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Maslak, yesterday

Sun Plaza will have a spire, me thinks
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