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The Camino Castle is located in the Piedmont (Piemonte) region, one of the most well kept and wealthy in Italy. Despite this, this is one of the countless examples of the lack of governmental support, as this castle, with a coordinated central support could be easily be fully restored and be added to a wider national hub of amazing castles. Unfortunately Italy lacks the support, the wisdom and the will to support these monuments, therefore it's up to each owner to try to maintain these pieces of history. For a country that could make tourism one of the main attractions, the central messy government of Italy completely lacks the wisdom to understand that a centralized plan would create endless opportunities for these locations.
The Castle of Camino is even hard to find on Google maps! the website is pathetic and the only meaningful information comes from Tripadvisor, provided that it is actually accurate. Reviews such as this say it all: "We went here on the off chance.... rang the door bell and were greeted by the care keeper and were thereafter taken on a private tour by the house keeper which was great, as none of it was planned! We felt privileged being the only ones there and the castle is very authentic.... we really enjoyed it and the view from the balcony is a dream..."
According to an obscure "English" website, the property is for sale: "Camino Castle is situated in the Monferrato hills, in the north-west of Italy, approximately an hour away from Milano, Genova and Torino.
Camino Castle, surrounded by ancient woods full of interesting birdlife, overlooks the Monferrato foothills which are covered in trees and vineyards.
Even today, the medieval castle is one of the most admired buildings in Monferrato for its splendid architecture and excellent state of preservation.
Surrounded by 15 hectares of land with vineyards the fairy tale castle boasts beautifully restored frescoed ceiling, precious marble floors, large panoramic windows."
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