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A 5K ultra HD compilation of Sud Tirolo / South Tyrol, Italy points of interest. The video features several castles, frozen lakes, vineyards, an abandoned hotel with a shady history during World War II (WWII) called the Hotel Paradiso in Cevedale, also featured in a recent documentary series about ways that german was criminals managed to flee to South America.
Also featuring the stunning Castel Beseno. Recently rennovated, Castel Beseno is the largest feudal fortress all over the Trentino region.
Those travelling from Rovereto to the city of Trento across the Vallagarina valley, will be immediately attracted by the majestic fortress on the hill near to Folgaria. Here on this strategically oh-so important place towers Trentino’s largest fortress, referred to as Castel Beseno. First written documents date back to the 12th century, when the castle still belonged to the counts of Appiano and served as a residence to the aristocratic family Da Beseno.
Also featured the Lago di Gioveretto (Zufrittsee), currently frozen and the adjacent dam, as well as local vineyards focused on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – used for the production of the traditional method – Lagrain, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as red wines and Sauvignon as a white wine.
We also flew over and around the Forst beer factory.
Just outside Merano, on the way to the Val Venosta, a complex of buildings perfectly in keeping with their surroundings catches the eye. They are decorated in a graceful, highly tasteful manner and almost blend in with the flourishing local vegetation. Anyone who is curious enough to ask the name of this “village” – because that is what it looks like at first sight – will simply receive the answer “That’s FORST”. It is not called the “beer factory” or the “brewery”, but “FORST”. The name is inherently linked with the local area. It stands for tradition and love for nature, but also striving to ensure that the quality of its products remains consistently high. Traditional and modern values go hand in hand, making positive contributions to each other: this is the guiding concept of FORST.
The HD video also features gorgeous mountains such as the Cima Venezia or Veneziaspitze and the Castle of Montani di Sopra in Laces. South Tyrol, an autonomous Italian province created in 1948, was part of the Austro-Hungarian County of Tyrol until 1918 (then known as Deutschsüdtirol and occasionally Mitteltirol. It was annexed by Italy following the defeat of the Central Powers in World War I. It has been part of a cross-border joint entity, the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino, since 2001. South Tyrol is granted a considerable level of self-government, consisting of a large range of exclusive legislative and executive powers and a fiscal regime that allows the province to retain a large part of most levied taxes, while nevertheless remaining a net contributor to the national budget. As of 2011, South Tyrol is among the wealthiest regions in Italy and the European Union.
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