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It's Winnipeg....

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We’ll start this shindig off on Waterfront Dr, with a view of the south-north skyline.

Some nice public art along Waterfront Drive, representing the theatre district just down the street

rehashing some old angles here

The ball park is gearing up for another season

Then its across the river to St. Boniface

Do a 180 here

The dead

St. boniface museum

Springtime melts the snow, rivers overflow

Part of St.Boniface Hospital

OK back downtown now

future home of the 80 million dollar Nygard Fashion Village

fashion 'park' *cough* excuse me

Theatre District - Manitoba Theatre Centre


A peek inside

The Concert Hall

Manitoba Museum

If the sign was'nt clear enough...this is City Hall

Empty nest

Looking down Main St.


China Town

New Lofts in The Exchange District

I wonder if this dude is scoring some weed for his family...



Portage Ave.

Juno Weekend (April 3rd)

Paris Building

Police State

And the final picture

Comments are welcome.....
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Great pictures. Winnipeg looks very clean. :)
awesome pics
Victoria said:
Great pictures. Winnipeg looks very clean. :)
Nobody has been outside for months there and melting snow washed away all the dirt ;).

:jk: I love Winnipeg.
Wow Winnipeg is a beautiful city! Fantastic pictures!
Looks awesome. Winnipeg's a deadringer for Chicago in so many shots.
great pics but i cant look many of latest pics . 22 latest pics
Why do most of the pics look so dead. THeir is like no one one the streets o_O
MuddyZehbra32 said:
Why do most of the pics look so dead. THeir is like no one one the streets o_O
Two things, it's a Saturday and in the morning, around 9 o'clock. If it's not 9-5 mon-fri, there isnt a whole lot of people around. But that's changing.
Winnipeg has more people on its streets than most American cities. I love the Peg.
Such an open-minded and liberal city.
Great pics! I've always admired Winnipeg for its historic architecture and appreciation of the arts. The streets do look quiet... too quiet for a Saturday morning. I hear the core is slowly improving... hopefully it will see better days in the not too distant future... ie. before my first visit.
The core is definitely improving and I wouldn't even say that it's slow anymore. The developments have finally started to stream in over the last couple of years and with the new riverside drive it's like the Exchange district went from being no man's land to being the hottest area in town overnight. Still, not many shovel's in the ground so to speak but the announcement's are solid.

Even West Broadway (notoriously always vying for the title of most violent neighbourhood in the country) has seen gentrification take hold recently. I foresee in the not too distant future that this will be 'The' area to be after the Exchange.
"Winnipeg has more people on its streets than most American cities."

Not for long. Our gas prices are going up! Yippeee. Maybe suburban Americans will realize how wrong it is to live in suburbia. I love it. America would be a much healthier country if 90 percent of its population lived in cities vs. the current 10-15 percent.

The Peg looks real nice. Kind of like Milwaukee or St. Paul in this set.

Canada is such a great neighbor to have. Especially for us gays!
Great to see this old thread resurrected! I'll move it to Urban Showcase as I imagine these are self taken photos...

Plus, anyone who uses the word "shindig" in his intro gets extra points in my books! ;)
Nice to see some pictures of the hometown of artist Venetian Snares. xD Looks like a nice city.
Really awesome, very nice good photos of Winnipeg :)
Those pics brought back so many memories. The first set reminded me of the hot summer night that St Boniface Cathedral burned down in the '60's. Everyone was very upset....
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