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OK ... I confess I don't see this every morning, but this is what my window looks like when I'm not on the net:

And here's what it looks like outside the front door:

Yes, it's a garden ... well a garden of sorts. Anyway, here's a few photos I've taken- all on my own place- which aren't very architectural. The only sykscrapers here are mountains! It is, after all, a general photography thread.

Ahhh, the maples!:

And the oaks!

The way to the vegetable garden ...

goes past the beloved Golden Elm:

down here, hydrangeas grow like weeds

and the horses come to eat them.

En route, more oaks and maples:

A holly and a fir.

Further down the valley, the last remaining really big willow:

sits in the shadow of those who died before ...

But for every new-born child, there arises a new tree , with a sacred song ...

and the forest rises:

Once again.

This is Australia: of course there are innumerable eucalypts:

but quite a few were sacrificied, for firewood, and for these small trees:

Much larger now. Beeches here are a rarity, that may be hard to understand in the northern hemisphere.

Down here, what aspired to be a complete collection of auracarias ... you know, the monkey-puzzle tree and its relatives: here's a Norfolk Island pine:

New growth on the maples:

The Gleditsia which forms part of the circle of trees commemorating the death of my Mother ...

And a revisiting of the front window, in a lesser light.

All my own place, I swear.

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Wow! These are really amazing pictures. At first I thought you manipulated them with Photoshop. Can you share any photography tricks you have? I love taking pictures of nature however my friend tells me that my pictures are flat. I am not sure what exactly he means but... because of this I am just trying to learn how to photoshop.
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