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Bornova, Izmir

Status: Under Construction
Type: Commercial
Cons. Area:4.800 sqm

Rising from a narrow parcel on İzmir-Ankara Street, the project outshines with its iconic characteristic. In order to avoid making the building seem much longer than it is, the building is divided into two as a mass and created a hole on that floor. In this way, two different mass effect is created and made the building acquire a dynamism. While the remaining mass under the hole creates more filled and solid surfaces, the upper part creates more transparent surfaces. Therefore, in the project solid/void and transparent/opaque contrast balance could be established. This balance continues on the vertical access core of the western side of the building. In this section, precast-concrete and vertical linear windows fortify the contrast.

The shell that highlights the symbolic feature of the building rises from the narrowest point and surrounds it, and creates an interactive screen on the façade of the building. With this movement the shell gathers the decomposed masses under a roof. The terrace under the roof offers the users a wide open area to be used as life space.

Groundworks have started (site fenced off)

kama by ad hoc, on Flickr
621 - 640 of 946 Posts