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here are some pictures of Jämtland, the region where wolkenkrabber livei n when he's not in Stockholm, and i'll post these photos because that Mr.Wolkenkrabber is too lazy for showing us photos from his region

pic from the 70s, typical for Jämtland

some of the pictures are quite old, but most are from the 90s ;)

maybe wolkenkrabber could tell a little aobut htese places ;)

bjälles mines

summer in Jämtland

one of the many 60s pictures


Åre in the summer

Åre in April

frösö socken




cute church, picture from 1918


pic from the 70s


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thanx for a lovely thread Ringil, i ageree the landscape around here is very beautiful, but i find it too cold and too calm! this thread shows that i should get out more
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