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Study: Jacksonville arts scene impact is $105 million

Jacksonville's nonprofit arts and culture industry contributed more than $105 million to the local economy in 2007, according to a study by the University of North Florida.

The study, done by UNF's Northeast Florida Center for Community Initiatives, measured the impact of 38 nonprofit arts groups in Northeast Florida. The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville commissioned the report.

The nonprofits reported expenditures of more than $55 million, primarily in personnel, rent, advertising and artistic fees. The study's authors used a multiplier developed by the Bureau of Economic Analysis to come up with an economic impact nearly double the expenditures.

In 2007, the arts supported 477 full-time jobs, 444 part-time jobs and 511 independent contract positions, according to the study.

"If jobs and expenditures were the sole measurements of our work, we would have a compelling story to tell," said Robert Arleigh White, executive director of the Cultural Council. "But the importance of arts and culture are not fully measured in those terms. Tourism, downtown revitalization, educational enhancements, and the retention of a high-wage workforce are important assets."
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