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Jaipur Ring Road Project

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The Jaipur ring road will be around 147 km in length in the new designs being prepared by the National Highway Authority of India.
The initial detailed project report (DPR) submitted by Reliance Infrastructure in 2007 suggested a 145-km-long ring road to be developed on public-private partnership model. Acquisition exercise for 47-km stretch was carried out between Agra Road and Ajmer Road for the southern zone. However, the urban development ministry later proposed a reduction in the length of Northern Zone by almost 40 km and assigned National Highway Authority of India to prepare a fresh DPR. Urban development ministry decided to hand over the project to JDA due to slow pace of work by NHAI. The highway authority has been unable to prepare the DPR in time and the designs being proposed have suggested an even longer ring road. The JDA officials are expected to incorporate the suggestions from NHAI.
A ring road had been proposed for Jaipur nearly a decade ago. However, the project had been transferred from one department to another. The JDA had previously tried to develop the project on PPP model and Reliance Infrastructure bagged the contract in 2005. A 145-km long road costing nearly Rs 6,000 crore was proposed. The company, however, withdrew from the project in 2008 following a demand of Rs 2,700 crore reverse payment demanded by the government, the project the project came to a standstill. The urban development ministry later handed over the project to National Highway Authority of India in January. It was expected to begin work by June.
However, the Jaipur Development Authority once again has been given the responsibility. An understanding is yet to be achieved on developing the ring road path connecting Ajmer Road-Tonk Road-Agra Road. The work on the southern part is expected to begin by 2011.

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x posting from the Jaipur projects thread.....

Translation: oct8th,After a long wait, the ring road finally came to the construction stage. On Thursday, the construction of the service road began.In the first phase the road, spanning in 45 km area, will connect Ajmer road, Tonk road and Agra Rod. For this 360 metre wide, 1620 hectare land has been acquired.

The detailed project report will be ready by November and consultant has been recruited.

The people who have given their land will get developed land near the ring road. The JDA wad planning to give the land by lottery but the farmers were protesting against that.

problems: the ring road will also occupies some land of the JDA residential schemes where people have already built houses and their compensation hasn't been decided yet. The minister said this will be done in the DPR.

The aim of the ring road is to get the traffic going towards Delhi, Agra, Kota and Ajmer to go through this road.
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Sops to lure Ring Road developers

Jaipur: To allure developers for the ambitious Ring Road project, the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) will now dish out a special concession. The JDA has agreed to give developers 20,000 square metres of vacant land on the either side of the proposed 47-km-long Ring Road project which the developers can use for commercial purposes.

The development agency held its pre bid meeting for the project on Wednesday under the chairmanship of urban development and housing (UDH) principal secretary GS Sandhu. In the meeting, the authority considered queries of five firms who expressed interest in the project. Replying to their [the firms] queries, the JDA said that it will give 20,000 sq metre open land to the firm who will develop the project on 'the design, build, finance, operate and transfer' (DBFOT) basis.

"The developer can use this land for running hotels and restaurants. Also the developers can sub-let and sub-lease the buildings [after construction] for generating income. The developer will, however, have to transfer these buildings to the JDA after a certain period of time," an officer with the JDA said.

The JDA added that information pertaining to the toll rates to be implemented on four-wheelers passing through the first phase of the 47-km-long Ring Road, locations of toll plazas, environment policy and location of railway overbridge falling under the project will be provided on the date of issuance of work order to the firm. Also, the authority did not disclose the amount of land which authority has acquired for the project.

The agency, however, turned down the request of the interested firms to extend the deadline for sending request for qualification (RfQ). The deadline for sending request for the RfQ now is December 27.
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Ring Road: Officials to keep daily record of progress

Jaipur: The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) officials will now have to keep a daily record of the progress made on the ring road project. A six-lane road is to be developed connecting Agra Road, Tonk Road and Ajmer Road in the initial phase of the project.
“The Jaipur development commissioner (JDC) has asked them to maintain a daily log of the compensation provided, land taken under possession and other progress made on the project” said N C Mathur, director projects, JDA.
The instructions were given by the JDC during a project works committee meeting held at the JDA on Tuesday. The last date for submission of request for qualification have already been extended by the JDA till January 10, 2011 and the officials are now trying to avoid any further delay in project. The authority has acquired a 360 m-wide strip of land along the proposed route of ring road, however, in the absence of physical possession, it will be difficult for the developer to initiate ground work on the project.
Meanwhile, the work for the rehabilitation of the affected farmers has not been completed. The project was reassigned to the JDA after being handed over to National Highway Authority of India.
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Naman or Yagu can anyone of you sketch the route on google maps? :)
रिंग रोड के मुआवजे का प्लान तैयार

रिंग रोड के मुआवजे का प्लान जेडीए ने तैयार कर लिया है। किसानों को अवाप्तशुदा जमीन के बदले 25 प्रतिशत मुआवजा मिलेगा। इसके लिए पंचायत समिति स्तर पर शिविर लगाकर पट्टे दिए जाएंगे। जयपुर विकास प्राधिकरण आयुक्त सुधांश पंत ने सोमवार को रिंग रोड परियोजना की समीक्षा की। इसमें अधीक्षण अभियंता अरविन्द आर्य ने बताया कि किसानों को दिए जाने वाले मुआवजे की जमीन का पूरा प्लान तैयार कर लिया है। इसमें उन्हें नक्शे में बताया जाएगा कि कहां और किस तरह जमीन मिलेगी। किसानों से वार्ता कर उन्हें पूरा प्लान बताया जाएगा। अभी तक 15 किमी की कच्ची सड़क का काम किया जा चुका है। 90 मीटर में बनने वाली रिंग रोड के लिए 10 जनवरी तक प्रस्ताव देने को कहा गया है। इसके दोनों तरफ 135-135 मीटर में कॉरिडोर बनाया जाएगा।
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Jodhu, can you please translate it. I donot understand marwari.
Its in Hindi but anyway:

the plan for the land compensation being given to the farmers has been decided. There will be a panchayat level event organised where the farmers will be given the map of the land and will be told where and how they will get the land which forms 25% of the whole compensation. Coming to the ring road so far 15 km long "kacchi" road has been created and proposals have been asked for for the 90 metre ring road which will have 135-135 corridors on each side.
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'Ring road not toll free'

JAIPUR: The ring road, which was proposed as a toll-free and signal free expressway, will not be so. According to sources, the empowered committee has proposed to impose toll tax at two places. Sources say the work on the project is expected to begin from April and it is in the process of finalising the tender.

Since the JDA had to rope in some private participation it had to change the original proposal. The major hurdle facing the project is land acquisition and the alignment of the road at some congested residential areas. Sources say there may be some changes in road alignment at some places.

Sources say the government will decide on the toll tax and also demand a share of it. The company constructing the road would have to pay half the reserve price for the commercial land leased. The company which gets the tender for the project would be given 20,000 square metres in two blocks.

After exploring various models, the JDA has has started selection of the firms who would be executing the project under the PPP model. Sources say the JDA has received 41 proposals and 16 them were in order.

Read more: 'Ring road not toll free' - The Times of India
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Ring road: JDA gears up for land acquisition

JAIPUR: As the date to start work on the ring road project nears, the Jaipur Development Authority ( JDA) is gearing up to complete land acquisition.

Till date, around 65% of the reservation letters have been issued to farmers for the 147-km project. A camp will be organsied on Monday to issue reservation letters to the remaining 35% farmers. Durga Joshi, incharge for acquisition, claims, "The JDA have acquired 65% of land and reservation letters have been issued to all these farmers. The authority will take possession after March when farmers will harvest their crops." The JDA has acquired around 1,620 hectares for the project. Farmers, who have taken cash as a compesation, will also be provided with award letters by the JDA.

Though twice delayed, JDA officials claim, "The works is expected to start from April 1."

The demand the farmers had been making so long had been resolved at the empowered committee meeting. "The JDA has agreed to the farmers demand. The farmers demanded 55% of the developed land for residential and commercial area and around 45% of the land for park and roads in the developed area of 126-metre corridor." Joshi added. Earlier, some farmers demanded the land provided to the farmers as compensation should be under town policy 2010.

While JDA officials claim most of the farmers problems have been solved and possession will be made as soon as the crop is harvested, ring road committee, president, Badri Sharma, says, "The farmers had a meeting with JDA officials on Friday on various issues. The JDA is giving cash compensation on district level committee (DLC) rate. However, the farmers are demanding it on commercial rate." He added, "The farmers will not give up possession if their demands are not met."

Read more: Ring road: JDA gears up for land acquisition - The Times of India
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रिंग रोड का काम दो महीने आगे खिसका

जयपुर. राजधानी के चारों ओर बनने वाली रिंग रोड का काम दो महीने आगे खिसक गया है। यह प्रोजेक्ट अप्रैल से शुरू होना था। विभिन्न विभागों से अनापत्ति लेने, बिड दस्तावेज तैयार नहीं होने से यह देरी हुई है। रिंग रोड की तैयारियों को लेकर शुक्रवार को नगरीय विकास सचिव जीएस संधू की अध्यक्षता में बैठक प्री-बिड मीटिंग हुई। इसमें अंतरराष्ट्रीय व राष्ट्रीय स्तर की कंपनियों ने भाग लिया।

35 कंपनियां सफल: रिंग रोड बनाने के लिए 41 कंपनियां आई थीं। इनमें तकनीकी रूप से 35 कंपनियां ही सफल हुईं, जिनमें रिलायंस, गैमन, मधुकोन, आईआरबी, जीएमआर जैसी कंपनियां शामिल हैं। इनमें 16 कंपनियां अब तक बिड डॉक्यूमेंट खरीद चुकी हैं। शेष ने कुछ जानकारियां मांगी थी जो भेज दी गई है। इन कंपनियों ने समय अवधि बढ़ाने का अनुरोध किया जिसे अस्वीकार कर दिया गया। संधू का कहना था रिंग रोड निर्धारित दो साल की अवधि में ही बनानी होगी। बैठक में बताया गया कि रिंग रोड के लिए 1620 हैक्टेयर जमीन अवाप्त की जा चुकी है। कंपनियों के प्रतिनिधियों को मौके का निरीक्षण कराया गया।

इसलिए हुई देरी: जेडीए को रिंग रोड के लिए वन विभाग, पर्यावरण विभाग और रेलवे से अनापत्ति प्रमाण पत्र लेना है। इसके लिए जेडीए ने आवेदन कर दिया है। कागजी कार्रवाई में खानापूर्ति होने के कारण यह देरी हुई है। साथ ही जेडीए कंपनियों के लिए वित्तीय रूप से सक्षम होने का बिड डॉक्यूमेंट (आरएफपी) नहीं बना पाया। ऐसे में कंपनियां समय पर आवेदन नहीं सकीं। सारा काम मार्च में खत्म होना था जिससे अप्रैल में प्रोजेक्ट को जमीन पर उतारा जा सके। सारे काम में अब कम से कम दो महीने का समय लगने की संभावना है।

3 हजार करोड़ का प्रोजेक्ट: रिंग रोड का पूरा प्रोजेक्ट 3 हजार करोड़ रुपए का है। इसमें 90 मीटर में बनने वाली मुख्य रिंग रोड की लागत 870 करोड़ रुपए आंकी गई है। बीओटी पर बनने वाले इस प्रोजेक्ट को उस कंपनी को दिया जाएगा जो सबसे कम अवधि के लिए टोल लेगी। इसमें दो टोल प्लाजा, 19 अंडरपास और चारों राजमार्गो पर प्रवेश मार्ग है।
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11 yrs later, firm throws hat in ring... road

Jaipur: Eleven years after the Jaipur Ring Road was first proposed, a private company has come forward to take up the state's ambitious project. The six-lane 47-km-long corridor, to come up in the first phase of the project, is expected to reduce the difficulties of commuters from the colonies passing through the Agra, Tonk and Ajmer highways. The project aims at controlling accidents and pollution in the city.

According to the sources, all heavy vehicles like trucks going outside the city will pass through the ring road, greatly reducing number of accidents. At present, vehicles coming from the Ajmer and Agra highways pass through Gopalpura bypass resulting in frequent accidents.

Also, residents of colonies around the project will reach their destinations soon accessing the 360- metre wide corridor. As per the toll policy, two wheeler owners travelling on the road will not have to pay toll tax, but four wheelers will have to. The rates and locations of the toll plaza will be decided soon. The residents of colonies and villages will have to take a 5-km-run to use the 47-km-long ring road. The entry and exits points will be developed at a distance of 5 kms. However, 18 underpasses and 2 railways over bridges will be developed so that people travel to colonies situated on either sides of the ring road without paying any toll tax.

The boom in real estate market is expected to occur in the areas of the housing colonies near the proposed ring road. The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has found a company which is willing to take up the project. But, the acquisition of land from farmers remains a major issue. JDA has acquired 1,620-hectares of land from them while 1,300 farmers have already been issued reservation letters. Sources said the farmers, however, have not yet given up their lands. The farmers have raised some additional demands.
JDA selects Sanjose-Supreme for Rs 1100 cr Ring road project

JAIPUR: The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has selected Sanjose-Supreme JV as the final bidder for the 47-km Ring Road project on Tuesday.

Gurgaon construction company Sanjose-Supreme won the financial bid as it proposed to pay the maximum premium of Rs 23.99 crore per year. Whereas, the Mumbai-based construction, Atlanta had bid for a premium of Rs 10 crone per year. The JDA received financial bids from three companies. However, Om Metal-Shiv Vani group, the third bidder, could not participate as it was disqualified on security deposit grounds, according to sources.

"The next step for us is to receive the Letter of Intent. After that it will take us around 45 days to get the financial closure," said Vikram Sharma, managing director of Supreme Infrastructure Ltd, which holds 74% equity in the Sanjose-Supreme joint venture while the Spanish company has 26% equity.

He said the six-lane road project would involve an investment of Rs 1,100 crore and will be completed within three years.

"The company will finish the project within three years. We will make the road so smooth that they can use it for runway," added Sharma.

For this project around 22 companies purchased the request for proposal (RFP) documents; however the JDA received the financial bids from three companies. An JDA official said, "The name of the company to be awarded the work will be announced after final decision made by the empowered committee. If the company is awarded with the project work the concessional agreement with the company will be done on May 27, and the company will start the work within 45 days." said an official.

The JDA has acquired around 1,620 hectares for the project.Officials claim the JDA has completed the land acquisition for the 47-km Phase I of the proposed Jaipur Ring Road from Ajmer Road to Agra Road. Earlier, in the pre-bid session, the JDA assured the companies it would get permission from the forest, environment and railway department for the construction."

Sources say the government will decide on toll tax and also demand a share of it. The company constructing the road would have to pay half the reserve price for the commercial land leased. The company which gets the tender for the project would be given 20,000 sq metres in two blocks.
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Ring Road work to start by July 18

Jaipur: Under the chairmanship of urban development and housing (UDH) minister Shanti Dhariwal, an empowered committee has given final approval to Sanjosh-Supreme consortium to start work on the ambitious Ring Road project. The consortium has been asked to work at ground level by the coming July 18 compulsorily.

UDH principal secretary GS Sandhu informed about the development on Saturday. He said that committee has approved company for ring road project in a meeting chaired by the minister. The consortium will soon start work on 47-km-long ring road.

"As per schedule, the company has to compulsorily start work by July 18. The deadline of project has also been set at May 17, 2013," informed Sandhu. Notably, Sanjosh-Supreme was selected for project as the company had offered Rs 23.99 crore premium per year to Jaipur Development Authority (JDA).

The bidder at second position was Atlanta Ltd at premium of Rs 10 crore. The company has been selected though ground level conditions do not favour speedy works on the project. According to sources, JDA has acquired 1,620 hectares of land for the project from farmers. But, 60 per cent of farmers have received reservation letters of the compensation for their land.
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रिंग रोड के लिए चयन-पत्र सौंपा

नगर संवाददाता. जयपुर

रिंग रोड के लिए चयनित फर्म सन जोश सुप्रीम को जेडीए ने लेटर ऑफ अवार्ड (चयन का पत्र) जारी कर दिया है। इस पत्र के बाद फर्म को तीन सप्ताह में नई कंपनी बनानी होगी। नई कंपनी का जेडीए से अनुबंध होगा। इसके बाद डेढ़ महीने में नई कंपनी को 850 करोड़ रुपए की बैंक गारंटी देनी होगी। इस पत्र के आधार पर कंपनी वित्तीय व्यवस्था करेगी। जुलाई के अंत तक काम शुरू होगा।

रिंग रोड की एंपावर्ड कमेटी ने 14 मई को फर्म का चयन किया था। जेडीए आयुक्त कुलदीप रांका ने रिंग रोड परियोजना का पावर पाइंट प्रजेंटेशन देखा और भूमि संबंधी बाधाओं के शीघ्र निस्तारण के निर्देश दिए। उन्होंने गुर्जर की थड़ी अंडरपास के निर्माण की भी जानकारी ली।
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Ring Road hits roadblock once again

Jaipur: The Ring Road project once again hit roadblock after farmers raised a fresh set of demands. The Ring Road Sangarsh Samiti, a body of farmers, tabled new demands for compensation issue, for which the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has given assurance, but not approval.

According to sources, a meeting was held between JDA officials and representatives of the samiti at JDA headquarters on Tuesday. During the meeting, members of the samiti demanded that they should be given at least 25 per cent compensation. For this the tillers should be allotted plots on the developed land acquired for the project. The representatives also said that JDA should not charge lease fees on the compensated land as the farmers have let the JDA to acquire their land for the project.

Badrinarayan Sharma, head of the Samiti, said: "If a farmer has given up land for the project then he should be allotted a plot near the developed land." The sources said the demands can be accepted at government level, not at authority level
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From JDA's website

Ring Road Project Around Jaipur (144.75 km)

Construction of Ring Road around Jaipur was conceived by PWD in December 2000 on BOT basis. In Phase I & II, a road with a length of 47 km will be constructed in the south of Jaipur, connecting Ajmer Road, Tonk Road and Agra Road. In Phase III, a road with a length of 97.75 km will be constructed in the northern part of Jaipur and will connect Agra Road, Delhi Road, Sikar Road and Ajmer Road.

It will consist of a six-lane access controlled expressway; a three-lane service road on both sides; a 135 m R&R and an investors' development corridor on both sides. The road is envisaged as a toll-free and signal free expressway.

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