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Indonesia Related Question

What is Indonesia?
Indonesia is Republic. Located between Australia and Asia Continent along the equator. Indonesia is a unique country since it consist of 17,508 islands,- 2000 years of tradition, 483 distinct cultures, and 232 million people (thx Alvin). Top 5 big islands are Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Papua. You can open this thread to read more about Indonesia. Or here too see its old times picture

What is the largest city in Indonesia?
From largest to smaller: Jakarta (capital),Surabaya, Medan, Bandung ...

What is the tallest building in Indonesia?
Jakarta - Wisma 46 - (250m and 48 floors) - the 2nd highest office building in the southern hemisphire after the Rialto Tower in Melbourne.
Tangerang - Amartapura I - (198m and 52 floors)
Surabaya - Hyatt Regency Surabaya - (25 floors)

Where can I get a list of Indonesia building?
There are website like SkyScraperPage and Emporis that have diagrams and statistic of Indonesian building. But the list is WAYYYYYYY outdated. Drop Indonesian forumners a line and we can help you :)

I heard many BAD new about Indonesia regarding racism, separatism etc, is that true?
Some is true, some is not. Most thing that you read in foreign media is a miconception of what Indonesia truly is. Remember: Media is a business that need something to sell.
Indonesia is DIFFERENT its JUST different. It is a country where high and low, safe and not safe, modern and old times mixed together. You need to be in Indonesia to completely understand it.

Jakarta Related Question

Info about Jakarta?
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. It's a capital, a province (headed by a governor), and a city (with 5 sub city headed by mayor) at the same time. 12 million residence. A city that never sleeps. Jakarta picture can be seen here and here.

Where is Jakarta?
Jakarta strategically located in Java island. About 1500 Km from Bali. 1000 Km from Singapore.

What is the highest building in Jakarta?
Currently Jakarta - Wisma 46 - (250m and 48 floors).
Which soon will be defeated by Ritz Carlton (327M) and Jakarta Tower (500+m). Another planned high rise is Signature Tower 75 floor, height unconfirmed.

What is soon the highest building in Jakarta?
Currently in development 'Jakarta Tower' which will become the highest tower in the world in 2009.

How many building there are in Jakarta?
Some website reporting 98. But that is wayyyyyy outdated.

Can you tell what what currently being constructed in Jakarta?
Visit this thread. There are heaps of development in Jakarta, with 2007 as its peak (currently).

Where is Jakarta CBD located?
Unlike any other city, Jakarta CBD is not centralized. The building are spread a long the main streets = money streets. But they can become one gigantic CBD in the future. Visit this thread and kuningan thread.

What public transportation available in Jakarta?
We have BRT (bus rapid transit), train, public bus, boats, taxi, motorcycle taxi :), bycicle taxi :), bajaj :) , bemo :) , rickshaw :) , horse cart :) . Under construction are monorail, subway, RRT (River Rapid Transit).

This FAQ is made by sanhen and edited/approved by David-80 as the Indonesian moderator. This FAQ is still under construction. :)

(taken from indonesia forum thankss all :) )

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^ Of COURSE Jakarta is a nice city! its the west-biased media which always portrays Southeast Asian cities' worst side... Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, Hanoi.. they are all great ASEAN cities, often underrated (sometimes seriously)...

NICE PICS encon!! I also like David-80's pic :eek:kay: Hiduplah Indonesia Raya!

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this one taken by Mahaputra
dusk photo

those taken by indo forumer are mostl last year so now jakarta has more skyline !!

courtesy of indo forumer!

this one taken by Joko! at 19 sept 2004


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here is the pics of the ritz carlton hotel just finished earlier this 1st may!
located at kuningan area (newly develop cbd area)
height 212m (one of jakarta tallest building)

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