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JAKARTA | The H Tower | Mixed Used | 30 Fl | U/C

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Credit to Djeff:

8 April 2006:
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ini hotel mmc di kuningan ya?
waooooo.. keren..
Ive been there before.. my grandma had her katarak (is that how u spell it) operation there..
that's a hospital??
XxRyoChanxX said:
that's a hospital??
I hear, it will be hospital and apartment for their doctors
any confirmation date when they started?
** up.. up **

I see crane moving on the site !!
^^ U will pump my SPIRIT like UP * UP * UP .... If I also can see the pics from here :D
^^ MMC tuh bukan Rumah Sakit MAta Aini, yach :hammer: ???
^ bukan :lol::D:D
started construction
Contractor: Hutama Karya
QS: PT Estimatika Konstruksi Indotek
Architect: Bita Enarcon Engineering
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Maaf, salah posting.. yang diatas itu gambar the grove..
MMC Tower yang ini bukan ya? (sebelah RS MMC)

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^^mungkin sekali...ada yang tau gak?
yep, probably designed by the same architects?
according to a source, this tower designed by Bita Enarcon Engineering -->> nothing there.

While CyberTwo Tower design by Tetra.

Anyway, regarding MMC Tower there are some party already mentined:
Structural Engineer: Perkasa Carista Estetika PT
Mechanical Engineer: Arnan Pratama Consultant
Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon & Seah Indonesia PT
Piling Contractor: Caisson Dimensi PT
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1 - 20 of 222 Posts
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