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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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Nice pics, tata! Thanks for posting them online! Anyone have info on how the 2nd n 3rd line will look like? (The bus fleet and shelter alike)
Line 1 Launching

Line 1 Launching: Jan 15, 2004

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Line 2 underconstruction

Busway line 2 underconstruction

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Yay! Thanks for the pics tata! :D

Edit: It seems that the shelter design (and presumably the buses too) will follow the first line.
Great pics, tata. Do you have a system map for all the lines (completed and u/c)?
GreyX said:
Great pics, tata. Do you have a system map for all the lines (completed and u/c)?
Greyx, this is what I found in, however I'm doubtful if they will be constructed as they appear on the map. Line 2 or 3 that is now undersconstruction is pretty much different from original design.

Please note that all images I posted below were collected from various internet sites like Kompas, TheJakarta Post, Tempo, Gatra etc. I didn't take them myself.


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GPS trial for busway routes

The JakartaPost
Feb 14, 2005

GPS trial for busway routes

JAKARTA: The Jakarta administration said over the weekend that it would collaborate with the Japan Transportation Consultants Association (JTCA) to test the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) on buses operating on the Blok M, South Jakarta-Kota and West Jakarta busway routes.

"The new system will be a big improvement over the walkie-talkies we currently use to run and control busway operations," Deputy Governor Fauzi Bowo told reporters at City Hall.

Fauzi said the system would enable the busway operator to better control the speed of and distances between the buses through the monitoring screen.

Fauzi, however, did not give any details of the project cost or when the tests would be conducted. --JP.
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Air conditioned drivers facility equiped with TV

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unofficial home made map

mudah2an berguna....

Thx to: MS PowerPoint XP, Jakarta Street Atlas 2006/2007 by Gunther W.H, and

This is 1st,2nd,3rd busway corridors would be look like and also intergrated with monorail line..

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Hi peseg,

Thanks for posting the map. Did u come up with this yourself? Nice work.
yes fireblaze, it's lil bit confusing at first time. But i can manage though..

I use MS PowerPoint to draw the lines and write the names, and MS Paint to convert it into JPG file.

hehe.. no Adobe or else, just MS Office.. coz i dont know how to use photoshop.
Nevertheless, it's a nice piece of work. :)

Would u mind if i use it to post somewhere else?

FYI. I have linked your map, and this thread, to a Bangkok forum as Bangkok is building a BRT system. See,
thx guys, it's okay as long for public purposes. Afterall it's for public consumption..
peseq.. it will be good if you can complete the map with all 14 busway lines... and maybe put current jakarta commuter train into it as well hehehehe

*sounds like a very hard work to do*

Anyway... anyone know what kind of ticketing system Jakarta BRT and MRT will use? Onelink or distance based or.... ?
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Guys, I found nice picutres of busway in US:

@peseq: excellent job man!
@sanhen: Transjakarta now applies JDBS policy. You know that? JDBS stands for Jauh Dekat Bayarnya Sama :) meaning you pay the same for long or short trip ;)
I mean... later when MRT is finished. What will happen when we get off the MRT at one of interchange station and hop on to a BRT? Has it been announced what kind ticketing yet?
I'm not sure about the pricing, since both services are owned by different companies. I do hope that they will have some sort of pricing scheme between them, so if i take the MRT and Busway, i don't have to pay both full fares.

About the busway, i heard that they are moving away from the "JDBS" pricing scheme. Which is good in promoting short distance travel. They'll also have to consider travel between lines since line 2 and 3 is will open up soon.
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If, after, the introduction of the monorail and MRT there is no interchangable 'smart' card system between all BRT, monorail and MRT it will be silly! Multi-modal transport systems, especially those with different operators, only work effectively with ease of interchangability and the option of universal ticketing.

So hopefully all the operators realise this and the city council ensures it happens to help get encourage more people to use public transport.
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