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[JAKARTA] Transjakarta Busway - A lot of pictures

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Images collected from internet in year 2003-2004 when Transjakarta line 1 was underconstruction.

I've tried it when in Jakarta summer 2004, it's good and the city should build more lines.... faster.


Jakarta Busway line 1


Here it is Tije!

Before opening

Trial period


Newly recruited drivers post in front of Transjakarta bus

Drivers on training

Busway stop in front of Kota train station

Busway depo

Shelter underconstruction

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Yes, I saw some of the new Melbourne trams like the third pic. I took all those pics 4 months ago...
the green one is typical Melbourne tram, I like it, you can see on post cards and miniatur tram souvenirs.
Around the city there is maroon tram, it's free, like in Adelaide around the city free bee line bus . Poor everything has to pay in free ride around the city....
The busway in Adelaide between city and Tea Tree plaza (Tea Tree suburb) and the tram is very old, funny and noisy... serves city to Glenelg
1 - 3 of 504 Posts
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